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Best Lunch in LA?

I'm on an expense account.

Been to Spago already, so far I'm looking at Matsuhisa/Providence/Water Grill. Anyone have any other suggestions? I know these are all seafood restaurants, but I would actually rather go turf too. Only problem is from what I know Cut/Jar/Wolfgangs are all closed for lunch

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  1. I love having lunch on the patio at Lucques.

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      Lucques is a Great Spot for lunch, laid back vibe, not very busy nor rushed and the food is on point as well.. A go to spot for me when I am in that area..

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        Agree. Great steak frites, and the BLTA, when on the menu, is amazing.

      2. The Ivy on Robertson is one of my favorite lunch destinations. When I worked on Olympic, I loved having lunch at Il Moro.

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          ridiculously overpriced but really yummy is that grilled vegetable salad :) oh, and the tarte tatin

        2. craft is nice for lunch

          1. Forget expense accounts. The best lunch in LA is the barbacoa de chivo at Monte Alban -- Sta. Monica Blvd. between Bundy and Barrington.

            1. I love lunch at Pane e Vino in the back patio. Also love Michael's patio for lunch.

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                pane e vino was gonna be my exact suggestion as well.

              2. i am a sucker for fresh baked bread, so I like La Brea Bakery for lunch:


                1. And next door to the La Brea Bakery is my favorite restaurant - Campanile (624 S. La Brea Ave.).

                  1. Cafe Pinot

                    One Pico (at Shutters)

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                      been here a couple times. i feel like i can go down to patina and get the same (sometimes a little better meal).

                    2. Bastide was good before Manzke left. Lucques maybe?

                      1. You mentioned that you would rather go turf: Pacific Dining Car is a great expense account lunch. I prefer the original location in the train car on 6th west of downtown, but the Santa Monica location may work better for you.

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                          I actually work downtown, so this would work well. Hopefully its a step up from nick n stefs (which i've had almost weekly these days).