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Jul 2, 2008 02:36 PM

Tony Tutto Pizza in Mill Valley

New Mill Valley pizza place alert! It's called Tony Tutto Pizza, and it's in the old Perry's Deli spot across the parking lot from Pharmaca at 246 E. Blithedale. Phone is 415-383-8646. It was around 10:00 AM this morning when I saw it, so it wasn't open, but they have a nice patio with picnic tables. Has anyone tried it? The special pizzas on the chalkboard inside sounded really good, but I couldn't see anything indicating their hours.

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  1. So we ordered two pizzas from here and picked them up. They have six pizzas, none of which have meat, in case that's a problem for you. We got two 12 inch pizzas - the A Love Supreme (aka Margherita - $11)) and the Peter, Paul & Pesto (pesto, pinenuts, and their three cheese blend $12). I'm not sure what the pizza style is here, but the crusts were on the thin side, and the toppings were applied in a restrained manner. I really liked them - the flavors were very clean and simple. Two pizzas were enough for three of us, but it might not be enough for others. They make their own organic tomato sauce and try to buy as much local produce as they can. The people who work there are really nice, and it would be pleasant to sit out at their picnic tables eating pizza and drinking wine.Their web site: is under construction, so I'm still not sure of their hours. (We picked our pizzas up around 7:00.) At this point, they only accept cash and checks. Don't know if that is going to change. (We didn't ask a lot of questions because we were hungry!)

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      Sorry - I forgot to add the link to Anna's review on her excellent Marin-based food blog, Anna's Cool Finds:

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        Do you know if they are only vegetarian or was it just the luck of the draw for that night's menu. Was there anything else on the menu? The pizza pic on Anna's site looked good. For some reason the above link didn't work ... so here's another try.

        Tony Tutto Pizza
        246 E Blithedale Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

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          Thanks for the working link. I think it is only vegetarian because the same pizzas were listed on their "menu", actually a half sheet of paper.

    2. Very excited about any new restaurant in Mill Valley, I went to Tony Tutto's last night.

      First the good: I thought the pizza was AMAZING. We ordered two -- one that was basically a margherita, another that was white with ricotta salata and rosemary. I woke up thinking about the pizza in the middle of the night and went down and had another slice, cold. (I never do that!) The pizza was even better than I remembered. There's something about the crust -- it has flavor and character. I will definitely be back for more.

      Also, the guy making the pizzas (Tony?) was lovely and friendly. He grows his own basil in pots out front alongside the picnic tables. When we realized it was cash-only, he said that if we lived in the neighborhood we could do an I.O.U. I think that might be a lifetime first. (We did eventually come up with the cash.)

      Now, for the worrisome: There were only two people working there and the wait for our pizzas was extremely long. I didn't check the time, but my companions became restive and when they went to check how things were progressing, were told our pizzas had not yet gone into the oven. It wasn't ultimately a disastrously long wait, but it was close.

      Another issue: They have a deli case for salads, cakes, whatever, and they should start using it. We would have ordered salad if it had been available which would have been both enjoyable for us -- and profitable for Tony Tutto. And after just one visit I do very much want to see this sweet place and its delicious pizzas survive.

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        Went to Tony Tutto the other night as well. Liked the pizza, although it is nowhere close to as good as Picco Pizzeria (understandable since TT does not have a wood-burning oven). However, I like the casual atmosphere, the great beer selection and outdoor seating. I'm concerned as to what he'll do when outdoor seating is not an option due to weather.

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          I disagree! I liked it more than Picco. And I love Picco. Which means I really love Tony Tutto. We moved to the bay area from ny where we used to go to di fara's pizza- and the cheese pie reminded me of that pizza. The crust, the fresh herbs, the greatness. And the quirky (pretty slow) service, one guy making the pies, etc. This places is doing a few more california-y things with the special pies (we had a mushroom and heirloom tomato one) that you'd never see at di fara's, but those were great too. We'll definitely be back but i second all of Tipsy Baker's comments about the problems I fear they're going to have- slow service & needs more menu items (and some indoor tables for when the weather turns cooler). I think i'm going to start sending them anonymous supportive but bossy postcards about a few changes they should make.

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            That's funny, Balabanian. I started to wonder if I didn't understand pizza crusts given that I actually preferred Tony Tutto's to Picco's wood oven variety. I've decided that it doesn't matter that much to me how a crust is BAKED. What matters is the flavor of the dough, and I thought TT's was almost perfect. I love the idea of bossy but supportive postcards. Also, maybe if he gets a lot of business he can afford to hire more helpers.

      2. Sorry, Picco, Mulberry St., whoever else, you're in deep trouble.
        Best pizza I've ever eaten in the United States.

        This guy is a true genius. It's obvious from the lack of salads, pizzas w/ meat, etc.
        that he has absolutely no restaurant chops, no real business plan, and inexperienced help, which explains why it can take a real long time to get your food. The place should, by all odds, be a complete flop.

        BUT the pizza is freakin' transcendent! I sure hope that the place can get busy without losing this quality, and this seems to be on the owner's mind as well. I think that's why he makes literally every pizza himself.

        I repeat....possibly the best pizza in the U.S.. Try the Margherita and see what I mean.

        1. Gotta say that not only is the pizza the best I've ever had...for gourmet pizza - the lasagna was incredible. It was light and delicious with spinach and hints of smoked mozzarella. Absolutely terrific food at Tony Tutto and I commend this wonderful eating spot to your attention!!

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            How are the accommodations on cold wet nights (or whatever it was when you went)?

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              I'll answer my own question since I went there last night. Inside there are two large picnic tables (fine for sharing) and two for-two tables. I didn't see any heaters outside on the patio so that would be for warmer weather. There was plenty of room last night; they seem to do a lot of takeout. There were three people working, including Mrs. Tony Tutto, a very good indication for this relatively new place because it was Tony-only when I stopped in last September. The short version is that it's the best Italian-style pizza I've had (and I went to Picco recently). I'm one of those who always leaves the sauce-less outer ring of crust uneaten. Here, I eat it all. The two Tuttos are very friendly and interesting and the Beatles were playing over the sound system, all in a small ex-deli space with good and inexpensive Italian wine generously served in water glasses. Tony will customize any pizza to your desire; talk to him about the possibilities. Any pizza lover must try this place.

          2. I'm going to have to post here again because, after my fourth time there tonight, I like this place so much that it's difficult to describe. A long-time friend called from nearby this evening so we went to Tony Tutto. We had salad ($5, arugula plus other things), lasagna ($7.50), and the Peter, Paul & Pesto pizza ($12). My friend is an organic gardener as well as a very good cook and she exclaimed over everything, saying that you can't cook food as good as they serve, and I agree. For those into wine (us), they have generous glasses of Italian wine for about $6, and they insist on you tasting until you find your favorite of their smallish list. As usual, Tony and his wife were friendly, fun, and interesting. The very best food in a fun place for a bargain price.

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              "Tony's" name is actually Greg, funnily enough - but I agree, the pizza is superb. I haven't had the chance to try anything else yet.