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Jul 2, 2008 02:34 PM

BJs Brewery

We now have one in San Antonio. I know to try the beer flights and the homemade root beer. What's a good food item to order? Thanks

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    1. Their pizza is great. Thick dough with crispy edges, with a slightly sweet taste to it. Love the potato wedges and of course PIZOOKIE... a reason for living in itself.

      1. The pizza is a step up from thick crust Pizza Hut pizza.

        The Pizookie is the best thing on the menu as far as the food goes. It is the only reason we go there any more.

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        1. re: Velvet Elvis

          The pizookie is great. We get one and share it. I like the BBQ chicken salad but always get the dressing on side. My friend loves the white sauce pizzas. We like going to the ones by the beach in CA and stay away from the bigger ones they have been opening inland. They're more neighborhoody.

        2. I don't especially like the pizza-too bready.

          I think the chili is pretty good..I can taste the beer in it.

          1. Their jambalaya is decent. The spiciness of it creeps up on you.

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            1. re: Eugene Park

              A second from me on the Chicken Wings, really good...some of my favorites. The Pale Ale is really nice and when the Fish and Chips are good...they are really good!