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Jul 2, 2008 02:32 PM

Clambox? First time visiting Boston

Hello. I am heading out to Boston this week for the first time. Coming out for Los Angeles and I am staying in Ipswich. My friends cannot wait to take me to the Clambox. What should I expect and are there any other rec's. Absolutely cannot wait for a lobster roll! Thank you.

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  1. It's a great place, but I don't think you'll be getting Ipswich clams. Due to Red Tide, a toxic algae, you might be eating clams from Canada or Maryland instead. The lobster roll is supposed to be very good.

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      While Ipswich Shellfish Co does distribute clams from Canada and Maryland (I mentioned this on another thread), the latter is probably less likely in this case. Maine and Canadian clams the latter being a lot smaller, sometime cape clams (more sandy). Some area restaurants take them off the menu when North Shore clams are not on the menu. Its worth calling around to find out what is available... and while its not ideal for a chow tour, if they are serving maine clams they can be quite good since you will already be in Ipswich.

    2. I'm sure whatever the Clam Box is serving will be terrific. I wish I could have some nice clams and lobster in New England. Enjoy!

      1. If by any chance you can't get into the Clam Box, try J.T. Farnam's - also very good, and with a nice view of the saltmarshes.

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          Farnham's over Clam Box, hands down. Great clams, lobster rolls and onion rings.

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            We visit the Clam Box and Farnham's quite frequently, and while I thoroughly enjoy both, the edge for consistent quality has to go to the Clam Box.

        2. we went last year and there was a 2 hr line to order - when we got up they told us we could just have called our order in from our cell and picked it up without standing in line. it would have saved us a bunch of time. have fun!

          1. Several of the local clam beds were re-opened today so you might be in luck if you haven't already hit up the CB.