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Jul 2, 2008 02:29 PM

kid friendly restarants

am looking for restaurants that are kid friendly, don't grunt at you when they see you have brought little ones, possibly provide kids menu's and make it easy to provide for children, toddlers, and babys. I would like them to be on the cheaper side, and would also try to stay on the healthier /organic side.

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  1. Kay n Dave's mexican is very kid-friendly, although the food is a bit wanting. I hate to say it but Cheesecake Factory gets good marks for accomodating babies & toddlers too.

    1. Los Angeles is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig place. Where are you going to be?

      1. a votre sante

        angeli caffe is wonderful. and gives the kids dough to play with.

        m cafe de chaya for your organic/healthy bent.

        babalu does well with kids

        real food daily


        fritto misto has healthy options and is kid friendly

        border grill

        edendale grill


        Enzo and Angela

        Giggles and Hugs


        Earth Wind and Flour

        Nook Bistro


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          Nook is kid friendly? I eat there quite often and can't imagine taking a young child there for dinner. I don't think I'd take them to Violet either. Neither place has any accommodations for kids.

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            I've gone with kids - not mine but a friend's and they certainly didn't look at us with disdain or grunt as we walked in the door. They welcomed us in, and even gave split a portion of mac'n'cheese for the kids to share. Maybe this was an isolated good treatment, but I don't think it was...?

        2. I just took my two nephews, ages 8 and 5, to uWink at Hollywood and Highland. It's definitely kid friendly. The menus are located on table mounted video monitors so orders can be placed by touch screen. The kid's menu covers all the typical foods the little ones love: mac & cheese, chicken fingers, spaghetti, burgers and fries. The best part about uWink is the ton of video games to keep kids occupied for hours if needed. Prices are extremely reasonable, wait staff very friendly and service was very quick. It's a bit of a novelty with the video monitors placed smack dab in the center of the table but the kids loved it.

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            wow. this place seems amazing. do the touch screens and video games come with the meal or are they extra? and is there somewhat "adult" food to or is it mainly kid foods. like burgers, fries, and spagetti?

          2. I second the rec for Kay and Dave's. Food is definitely healthy, just stay away from the yucky margaritas. If you want less healthy mexican, but very kid-friendly, check out Gilberts on Pico. I have seen kids throw beans and the servers clean it up with chuckle.

            Other great places on Montana Ave include 17th St. Cafe. Many healthy options, pretty good prices, crayons, kids menu, high chairs, lots of other families.

            Blue Plate is small, but they are very health orientated (and I believe they use a lot of organic ingredients) have high chairs, menu options for babies (pureed veg) and a somewhat accomodating staff. The wait can be long for lunch and weekend breakfast.

            Of course, in the end, it is entirely up to you and your comfort level. You can always bring crayons, etc. to make it more enjoyable. I've been to almost every restaurant listed here with success and I've also taken my kids to Spago and Valentino, also with success. Happy dining!!