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Jul 2, 2008 02:19 PM

Q in Mount Kisco now open

I just called and they said they opened yesterday.

I'll be going there for lunch tomorrow and will report back. But has anyone been yet? Any differences (good or bad) from the Port Chester location?

Here's the address:

Q Restaurant and Bar
487 E Main St, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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  1. Ooh, definitely tell us how it is! I need a bbq option better than Memphis Mae's nearby!

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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      What don't you like about Memphis Mae's? I've never tried the bbq there, but their southern fare is quite good. Brunch is great. And they have Whale Tail Ale (my new favorite).

      1. re: dma1250

        Their ribs were not good, and the pulled pork was dry, and to me, those are unforgivable crimes for a self-proclaimed bbq restaurant. I went about a year and a half back, but it didn't impress me enough to go back and try again.

        I do remember their beer selection was good, though, as you mentioned.

        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

          Went to Q in Kisco Saturday evening 8/16 and it was packed. Ordered the chopped brisket sandwhich which was very good, collards--tasty but a little too wet and the rest of the crew ate ribs with excellent slaw and fantastic fries. Unsweetened tea was very nice. St. Louis style ribs were meaty but not as good as Blue Smoke St. Louis. Bottom line--we'll be back and I'd rather eat it there or nearby than take her home.

    2. I feel like a bettin man...

      I bet that it'll be basically good, just like Port Chester...

      I bet that they'll use the Southern Pride pits, gas and wood combo, just like in Port Chester...

      I'll bet the ribs are very good, brisket pretty good, and the pulled pork very nice, if they resist the temptation to pull it into shreds and keep it a bit more chunky.

      I await the report!!

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      1. re: woodburner

        I'm betting the same. If I go in and see that big southern pride and the 55 gallon barrel filled with wood logs, I'll be at ease.

        Stay tuned.

      2. OK, so I made it there this afternoon. The place was hard to find - there's no sign whatsoever yet and it's in a little nondescript strip mall that looks like all the places are being renovated so none of them have signs. I think it's next to a UPS store. I did some back and forth before I found it - all in the spirit of helping out my fellow chowhounds (heck, I even got a flat tire in the process... how's that for taking one for the team).

        Anyhow, if you find it you'll be happy. Everything on the menu was half off while they finish their dining room and kitchen (for order in only - not take out). I'm not sure how long that will last.

        So I ordered a platter so I could sample. I was really, really happy with what I ordered. Their brisket, which is the hardest of them all to pull off, was perfect. Pulled pork was very good as usual. The chicken was quite good - it was the white meat so not my favorite, but it was pretty good too. The chilli was great and the sausage was fine (not a huge fan of kielbasa style... but it was good).

        The only major thing I didn't order was ribs. I wish I had, as the only other time I had ribs at Q in port chester I found them to be just so-so. Wondering if that was an off night and how the ones in Kisco compared.

        It's the same ordering sequence as the other Q and everything seemed the same. The dining room was more open, but probably the same amount of seats (taking into consideration the upstairs of the PC location.

        We had a few very minor delays getting the order - they were clearly working out the service kinks - but I don't care so long as the food was great, which it was. Plus, the fact that they were giving half off shows they recognize it and appreciate their customers. Plus the owner or manager or whoever that was there was very friendly and took the time to make sure everyone was doing alright. All in all, a nice touch I thought.

        So, folks, give it a try. Not sure if the half off deal will be through this weekend or not, but it's worth it even for full price.


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        1. re: adamclyde

          Thanks for the review! I actually drove by the one in Portchester tonight and I can't wait to visit the Mt Kisco location. For people that don't frequent the area the strip mall can be hard to find but it's really right across from TJ Maxx.

          Was told a sample platter take out order would be ready in 20 minutes (Sunday night). Ordered at 6:02 (on the register reciept) at 7:11 I asked one of the giggling young women behind the counter if they could please find the manager as the crowd waiting for take out was getting restless ... no one came to talk to any of us.
          Finally got our food after 75 minutes (we were told it was coming any minute after we had been waiting 30 minutes). Still no manager. They really need to get their act together. Never got to talk to anyone. Let me tell you, the take out crowds were getting really restless. Everyone was angry and chanting the same refrain "Should We Leave or Should We Go????"

          Just looking for a little truth, if the wait for take out is an hour, tell me that and let me decide if I want to wait. Don't tell me it will be 20 minutes and when I wait 30, PLEASE don't tell me it will be a few more minutes when it will really be 45 more minutes .

          Won't be back for a long while

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          1. re: SLO

            wow. That stinks.

            I've never eaten at either Q at dinner. Just lunch. But my "service kinks" resulted in, maybe 5 minutes of waiting max. That's really too bad.

            I honestly can't imagine what would take a BBQ joint 75 minutes to serve someone? Pulled pork, ribs, brisket and chicken are all pretty much cooked and done before folks arrive... they are just held at a warm temp in the smoker. Unless their batch truly wasn't done yet. But that's all stuff they can tell you at the time.

            Well, if you get there for lunch, I hope your troubles won't be nearly so problematic. I've been back a few times for lunch and didn't have any trouble.

            Good luck.

            1. re: SLO

              We were also one of the unlucky ones waiting for takeout from Q on Sunday night... it was our first time ordering from them and we were told (over the phone) that it would be 30 minutes. Definitely at least an hour - thankfully we really enjoyed the food, but the service was brutal. I'm hoping it was an anomaly - we liked it too much not to try it again!

              1. re: SLO

                They absolutely did the right thing. I called and left a message for the manager. When he called back he explained they are doing a soft opening (hence no real sign or hours posted) and he remembered us and could ot have been nicer, more apologetic, etc. No excuses, just an explanation of what was going on and a truly sincere apology.

              2. I stopped by Monday for dinner and it was closed. You would think they would have a sign posting their hours of operation on their door.

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                1. re: JanRan

                  I went last Friday night - we were a group of 10. Service was S-L-O-W. The food was great though, and worth the wait. THe lighting is bad and the background noisy, but we will return for good ribs/brisket.