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Jul 2, 2008 02:16 PM

looking for kid friendly restaurants

am looking for restaurants that are kid friendly, don't grunt at you when they see you have brought little ones, possibly provide kids menu's and make it easy to provide for children, toddlers, and babys. I would like them to be on the cheaper side, and would also try to stay on the healthier /organic side.

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  1. Here's some threads to get you going. You might want to give detail as to location, anything you want to avoid for sure, price range, etc.

    1. High price point: the old Corduroy was incredibly accommodating to a (well-behaved) 2 year old with a 6:00 reservation last year just before the move.

      seated us in a corner for easy baby wrangling, the mom was able to order a few things for kiddo in advance of our entrees (small sides mostly).

      early dinner time, sated tot, strategic seating = no embarrassing fuss. plus a stellar waiter (hope he's still there if I make it back - actually invited us to come again, being with a kid I was apprehensive and wisecracked back "yeah assuming we're still welcome" he assured me we were).

      Low price point: Marty's on the hill prides itself on kid-friendly environs, food's nothing you couldn't find at a Ruby-Chili-Friday-Bee's but it's real food, not a chain. and hey free balloons! when I have gone, I order off the kid's menu.

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        I also order off of the kid's menu at Marty's. I get their kid's cheese burger for lunch all the time. It's the perfect size for lunch, I can get it with a side salad and it's cheaper then the regular burger. :)