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Jul 2, 2008 02:15 PM

Restaurant named Delamina -- or something close?

I got an e-mail from foodie friends visiting NYC from Pittsburgh and the are asking about a restaurant I've never heard of. See below. Does anyone know the place they may be asking about?

"We ran into this guy last night at Babbo who gave us some great restaurant suggestions. One he raved about that is hot but not out of the bag yet is someplace called Delamina. He couldn't remember the exact spelling and I can't find it by search. Have you heard of it? He said the pasta was etherial."

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  1. It's Dell'anima:

    There have been some favorable professional reviews that have put it on my go-to list. I don't think there's been too much discussion on CH.

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      That was so FAST! Thank you so much! I just might check it out myself...