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Jul 2, 2008 02:08 PM

kid friendly restaurants

i am looking for kid friendly restaurants that serve somewhat healthy food and provide easy ways for adults to bring children, toddlers and babies to. on the cheaper side and healthy/organic would be awesome to, but it doesn't have to be.

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  1. In which city are you looking?

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      and what do you mean by "kid friendly"---places where the patrons won't be horrified to see a child or ? ? ? ?
      also is the child in question well behaved?
      what time of day/what meal are you hoping to eat out?

    2. A few weekends ago I found myself in Federal Way on a Saturday and stopped to have lunch at a chain restaurant there. Despite the nice waiter, decent food and my low expectations, I was really uncomfortable and could not figure out why until I realized that there were kids at nearly every other table! Most of the kids were fairly well-behaved (just a little loud) but I am just not used to seeing kids in restaurants since it's not very common in Seattle. Moral of the story is - maybe try the 'burbs.

      1. I don't know what city you're in, but the first thing that comes to mind is Tutta Bella - particularly the one in Wallingford.

        1. If you are talking Portland, we have always enjoyed Justa Pasta at 19 and Pettygrove. It is an order at the counter place with good counter side seating for kids to watch "the cookers" . The food is easily kid adaptable but not standard kid menu crap. As for the parents, a nice glass of wine and a menu that you will really enjoy. The food is simple but well executed, fresh and thoughtful. I still think it is the best chicken parm. in the western world. super spicey from tons of garlic and chile oil. I get lost in it while my toddlers eat pasta with bolognese or alfredo sauce and limonattas. perfect balance. The noise level is just right to where I am not stressing out about how my children are acting but it is not a Red Robin either. My kids are learning how to behave in a restaurant without expecting them to be something they are not. and...Roland the owner is eye candy.

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            IN Seattle, Capitol Hill specifically, there's an awesome greek spot called Vios. Great food and family oriented. there's a kids play area and everyone brings a child of any age....very cool vibe.