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Jul 2, 2008 02:01 PM

Stores that sell high-end knives in Seattle area?

Which Seattle/Eastside stores sell high-end knives, especially the Japanese ones? Most stores I've seen with good knives pretty much only carry Wusthofs and Henkels. I've had many other brands recommended to me (Global, Mac, Hattori), but I would like to try them out first before blowing that much money, especially as I have unusually small hands (I don’t think they size meat cleavers to fit 12-year-olds).

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  1. I have bought several nice knives at Seattle Cutlery, located just down from Starbucks #1 at Pike Street Market.

    1. Have you been to Seattle Cutlery down at Pike Place Market? I have a Sha Ra Ku Mono that was bought there that I adore - and SeaCut is the only place in the US that imports them!

      Their prices can be a little steep, but you can try it out there and buy elsewhere if you choose.

      While you're down there take a peek in Sur la Table. They have Shun knives which are also very nice.

      1. I too have small hands and love my Global knives. They are very lightweight and fit perfectly in my hands. Seattle Cutlery in Pikes Market carries them and I think City Kitchens downtown carries them too.

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          I'm quite partial to City Kitchens' selection. They have a few nice high end knives.

        2. Epicurean Edge in Kirkland if you are into Japanese knives. It's one of the top Japanese cutlery stores in the country.

          Seattle Cutlery has some ok knives, but nothing I find that special.

          Most kitchen stores will carry Shun and Global.

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            I second Epicurean Edge. Their selection is outstanding.