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Jul 2, 2008 01:55 PM

Birmingham or surrounding butcher shops?

Can anyone recommend any? I know of Mr. P's.

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  1. Here's a place in Alabaster I've read about on one of the BBQ boards:

    I haven't been there. Apparently, they do some dry aging. The discussion on BBQ Brethren was about getting brisket for Q.

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      1. re: SkippyLeBeef

        Both Tria's and Whole Foods also do dry aging.
        V Richard's has a good, but small, butcher shop. Fresh Market also has a decent one. The Western in Mountain Brook Plaza is renowned locally, and is one of the few places around here to get Colorado lamb.
        Both Tria's and V Richard's also sell Berkshire and Duroc pork, or a mixed breed. That Western I mentioned also sells Duroc.
        There's also a butcher shop on the northside (Gardendale?). If you're interested in that one, let me know and I can find out its name fairly quickly.

        1. re: Big Daddy

          I buy most of my meat at Whole Foods. Bruno's (esp.angus beef) when in a pinch. I'm in Hoover so I doubt I would venture to Gardendale with so much so close. I had no idea about the Western in Mountain Brook Village having that good of a butcher shop, and I work very near there. Thanks.