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Jul 2, 2008 01:38 PM

Spotted Pig on July 4th -- Insane Wait?

Hello all,

My cousin is visiting this weekend and has chosen Spotted Pig as our dining destination for Friday night. I've never been. Is she insane to think we could get a table for four at 7pm (and be out in time to get to the east side for fireworks)? I would guess the holiday would decrease the crowds, but again, since I've never been there it's difficult for me to judge.

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  1. You should have a backup plan in the neighborhood. I've never seen a Friday when the Pig isn't packed. Perhaps show up (or send someone in your stead) at 5pm just to get your name in the queue.

    1. a friend tried to get a table on a recent fri night at 7:30 and was quoted for a 2 hour ended up being nearly 3 hours...

      the food and crowd just arent worth it.

      1. July 4th is traditionally a dead weekend in NYC. Many people are out of town. I would think it would be easier than most Fridays to get a table but a table for 4 at 7? That may be tough.

        1. While I've never tried Spotted Pig on the 4th (or any other holiday), I agree w/the others that July 4th is not likely to be as busy as a normal Friday. I've had good luck going to other no reservation busy places on holiday weekends (in fact, I usually save those types of places for holiday weekends).
          The last time I went to Spotted Pig was a couple of months ago. FWIW, on a Wednesday around 7pm our wait was quoted as an hour and ended up being about 30 mins.

          1. if you have a deadline like that this is not a good idea.

            any out of town locals will be more than made up for by the fireworks crowd and other touristas.

            if you are dead set on the SP, go around four, grab a drink and arrange to be seated at five when they start serving dinner.