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Jul 2, 2008 01:35 PM

Key Largo?

I'll be in Key Largo for five days (mid-July) and was wondering if anyone has any food recommendations.
I'll be on a scuba trip so I'm looking for post-dive healthy, calorie/energy replenishing chow. I'm always up for sushi if there are any above average locations.

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  1. Dining in Key Largo is rather limited.....The Fish House is somewhat rustic but food is good but pricey for what it is...but reliable....Mrs. Mac's is also very reliable for Keys-type food....And others will chime in with suggestions....But when it comes to post-dive healthy cuisine....choices are limited......Enjoy the diving......


    1. Num Thai at MM104 has pretty good sushi, best in Key Largo.
      Second that on Mrs. Mac's- consider it a must.
      Health food type places don't exist here. But some, like Hobo's,will serve you up some broiled or grilled fresh fish with a side of steamed veggies on request. No big deal.
      Gyro King has falafel and such. Nice people.
      Both lobster and stone crabs are out of season so if you order it, it will be frozen/thawed.

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        tofu.I am a diver also.I live 2 hours from Key Largo...I'm sure you already have reservations, but when you go again may I reccomend www.amoray.com
        They do it all, and will suggest places to eat and dive. Very professional
        I will be there in a few weeks myself.Have fun

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          Thanks HotMelly,
          I'll be going out with Silent World on 7/13,14&15. I'll save your recommendation for future reference.

      2. Thanks for the Num Thai recommendations, I went there a couple of times and really liked it. The sushi was very good but I found the Thai stuff a little bland. The staff people were really nice.
        Also; I got a pizza from Upper Crust and would definitely recommend it. I had low expectations going in but I would rate in my all time Top 10 (and I try the pizza everywhere I go).

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          Glad you liked Num Thai. Num (that's not his name, but his real name is hard to pronounce, so everyone calls him Num) had a second restaurant in Key West, but sold out to his partner. Definitely a family affair- nice folks. Next time order your food "Thai style". Not bland!!!
          If you didn't try Mrs. Mac's, you owe it to yourself to try it next time. Had breakfast there again this AM.
          Running the boat over to Bimini in the AM. Staying for four days before lobster mania grips the Bahamas and the Keys. Gonna hunker down during mini-season until the mainlanders all go home. This place is a zoo during mini-season and many locals leave until it is over.