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Jul 2, 2008 01:29 PM

Range Raised Prices... thoughts, visits, michelin?

Range recently raised prices is what I heard and from the looks of the menu online, it looks 2-3 bux more than it was before. Anyone feel like it was due to the michelin star? I went a bunch of times last year, but havent since, how has the food been? It was always the one of the best in terms of quality, value and service and it still may be even with a little bump in price. Just curious here, because I'd be bummed if things slipped. Planning on going soon again despite a long list of other mission restaurants I haven't even had the chance to try, e.g. Maverick, Delfina. Any reports? Thoughts?

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  1. You must try Maverick. I loved it both for dinner and brunch.

    Delfina makes some amazing food, but I was bummed that they don't have a full bar. Gotta have my martini :)

    1. I was at Range about a month ago, and found it to be as good as always. I'm a fan. We didn't order dessert, but the kitchen sent one out anyway as a gift. I always feel like I get treated special in one way or another.

      1. I would guess that prices may have been raised to deal with increased food and fuel costs and less b/c of the Michelin star. I recently returned to Delfina and found it great as always even though I had wanted to try some place new that night. Maverick didn't really impress me, but some items were good and it was a few years ago so a return visit is probably in order.

        1. I just ate there last Friday evening and have to admit to sticker shock at the final tab. I thought the food was fine. One stand out was the special of the evening which was fava puree filled ravioli. . that was amazing. . everything else was merely fine. Except dessert . . . her meyer lemon souffle cake is the best version I have ever had. It is amazing.

          For two cocktails, three apps, two entrees, one glass of wine, three desserts the tab was $162.00. Mind you, I dine mainly at less expensive ethnic restaurants so perhaps that is par for the course, for me, it was expensive.