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Jul 2, 2008 01:00 PM

Paris - birthday/reunion dinner for 7

Hi everyone,

Seven of us are having a reunion in Paris on July 26th which also happens to be my SO's birthday. What I've love to find is a place for dinner that night that will allow us all to linger and catch up for a while, great food, under 30 euros per main, preferably French or at least bistro-y. Some of us are staying in the 1st and others in the Latin Quarter so preferably somewhere in or between either of the two.

Please let me know if I'm not being specific enough.

Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. You could try Chez L'Ami Jean (7eme) or Le Regalade (32E/pp/3 courses) (14eme), both are excellent French bistros. If you are interested in lingering, perhaps consider a later seating after 9pm. I would suggest calling ASAP as these are small and very popular. Le Regalade would be more out of the way, but is definitely worth it - a wonderful restaurant.

    If you cannot get into either of these, perhaps try Le Troquet (15eme) or L'os a Moelle. I think these prix fixe are about 36E, so a little above your budget, but both are excellent.

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      I would definitely try L'Os a Moelle, even though it is out of the way. You just can't beat 5 courses for 36 euros, with seriously good food. For something more convenient, you could go to Le Dome du Marais, in the rue des Francs Bourgeois (not to be confused with other places named Le Dome). The atmosphere is grand and the food is very good. I have not been to La Regalade or Chez L'Ami Jean but from what I have been reading, they seem like excellent suggestions also.

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        Chez L'Ami Jean has a late sitting after the 9:00 tables - thus I don't recomend it as a place to linger.

        Le Troquet is good and also has two sittings so definately go for later table - and is within budget.

        I don't think La Regalade is open on Saturdays so won't be open on the 26th.

        A thought is Maceo which is elegant/stylish and probably fits the budget - lots of space, good size tables and they won't rush you out (and is central).