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Jul 2, 2008 12:59 PM

SF (Tenderloin) - El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill?

In this other post was the first mention of El Tesoro

"El Tesoro on Geary & Larkin, open til midnight. Great Mission-style burritos (unlike many places, they grill the tortilla instead of just steaming it). Lots of good stuff you don't find at just any taqueria: whole fried fish (mojarra), camarones al mojo de ajo (garlic onion shrimp), bistek (fried beef strips). Not a real romantic kind of atmosphere as it's inside a grocery store."

They have another restaurant on Ofarrell.

Two different opinions

Burritophile wasn't as enchanted, but liked the al pastor and salsas.

Yelp seems to be favorable.

There are menu links on the Ofarrell Place record. However, all previous comments might be null and void as I found a change of ownership notice on the web dated April 2008.

Anyone else tried either place?

El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill
868 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill
599 Ofarrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I personally do not consider Geary and Larkin to be in the Tenderloin. A seemingly minor quibble, but to characterize it as such might deter people from going there.

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    1. re: Xiao Yang

      What neighborhood would you consider it? Yelp has it as Nob Hill Civic Center/Tenderloin. SF Weekly has it as Hayes Valley/Tenderloin, Zagat and AOL just lists it as Tenderloin as do a majority of references. The Bay Guardian talking about A La Turca across the street says "But deep in the cracked-out heart of the Tenderloin resides the consistently delicious and ridiculously affordable A la Turca'

      When I was there yesterday, the above description was reality ... and come on ... it was before noon ... on Sunday. While it borders a number of nabes, the one consistant ... is the mention of the Tenderloin. Let's just say it didn't seem to be one of those nabes in the throws of gentrifiction.

      Anyway, stopped by yesterday while visiting A La Turca because the birria sign caught my eye. They also have rotissarie chickens.

      It is located in Mid City Market & Deli, which in addition to being a basic corner market has a few Mexican groceries, a meat counter, a tiny produce section at the back and a case with pan dulce. As in most markets in this area, there is a liquor section. They did have a South African wine featued from Warthog Vineyards. Buy one ($8.99) get the second for a nickel.

      The menu is similar to their O'Farrell location

      I never noticed before, but they have almabres on the menu. Seems to just be the local version which is beef mixed with onions, peppers and bacon. Still, I might give this a try here to compare with other places I've tried it.

      They also sell caldo de res and caldo de pollo, tamales, and a few items not on the take-out menu.

      Bare-bones decor. I just ate at A La Turca so even a sample taco wasn't something I considered.

      Anyone tried this place? They are open till 2 am on Fri-Sat and midnight the rest of the week.

      Mid City Market & Deli
      868 Geary St, San Francisco, CA

      1. re: rworange

        Geary and Larkin is prime 'Loin, especially at night, though not as bad as Turk/Ellis/Eddy/Jones/Taylor.