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Jul 2, 2008 12:47 PM

New Jersey BBQ Championship

On July 11, 12 and 13 they are holding the state Barbecue Championships in North Wildwood. Its a big event. You can watch the contestants in action and purchase food from many vendors. The hard part is deciding which one to buy. To make the decision even harder, Maui's Dog House is just a few blocks down the street.
Here is the info on the cook-off


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  1. ChrisOC. I have been looking at your posting now for a day with no replys. Unfortunatly real bbq in NJ for the most part does not exist as the lack of intrest can attest to.I however live in eternal hope and will be there to see one way or the other. Good Luck.

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    1. re: currymouth

      currymouth - I wouldn't take the lack of reply to evidence disinterest of "real BBQ in NJ". As is evident from other posts, I think many of us CH'ers love authentic BBQ. As far as the state championship is concerned, I would be happy to go if it wasn't all the way down in North Wildwood (over a 2 hour drive for me). BTW, thank you to ChrisOC for the post.

      1. re: bgut1

        I agree. I would love to go to this event, but N. Wildwood is a real hike for us as well. And one we were planning on making in August for a few days. Oh well, can't be everywhere and do everything...

        1. re: flourgirl

          We'll be in North Wildwood in August also. For excellent BBQ, we head to Sharkey's Feeding Frenzy, just south of the causeway to Cape May -- it's a shack at the entrance to a marina. You can search this board for more info -- it's how we found about it in the first place. Oh boy it had better be there !

    2. Many bbq champs were part of the now on hold Guitarbeque in Asbury Park. There is currently a low simmer circulating about a 2009 event..possibly in AC...if it happens...attend! The bbq portion of the event demonstrated/offered a plateful of deliciousness!

        1. Lisa and I plan to go down either for Friday or Sunday. Looking forward to it.

          1. Went to this two years ago, it's also a blues fest! I'm an avid q'er and what I liked about this show was being able to meander through where the competitors were cooking, seeing how they were plating everything was pretty cool. Unfortunately, the food that you can purchase is more of the mass produced ribs and brisket and such. You don't get to sample what the judges are eating. I did find one company that had some pretty good ribs. One thing they all offer is you can buy a 3 rib sampler so you get to try different kinds. I believe they are also having a car show. And hey, if you don't care for the que, you're just down the road from a Mack's Pizza!!!