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Jul 2, 2008 12:38 PM

Penobscot Peninsula, Maine Food Producers

We are spending a few weeks in Brooklin in July. Are there any food producer/growers on the peninsula from whom we can directly buy their products? We are looking for meat, eggs, dairy, produce, seafood, etc... Ingredients that we can bring back to our house to cook with. Anywhere around Deer Isle, Cape Rosier, Brooksville, Blue Hill, Orland area. Organic is a plus.

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    That website is a fantastic resource. Another suggestion might be asking around at local stores, or just watching for a sign on the side of the road!

    Enjoy your vacation - it's a beautiful area.

    1. Absolutely! The Blue Hill Peninsula and the area near Castine are full of farms. There are self-service roadside stands where produce is set out (sometimes in coolers). You pull up, pay for what you're taking, and drive away. These stands have everything from flowers to strawberries to corn (in season) We nicknamed them drive-thru farm stands.

      There are also some seafood shacks that sell fish and seafood along with fried food. We bought a pound of picked crab for $10 and got three meals out of it.

      I would look along Routes 166, 177 (where we found the crab) and 175. If you go down to Deer Isle, you should definitely check out the lobster pound.

      1. The mother of all organic farms--actually, authentic food is word they use, that surpasses organic--is Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman's Four Season Farm:, in Cape Rosier. They wrote the book on it, literally.

        1. I agree with everything so far but for One stop Shopping I would go to the Farmers Market
          in Blue Hill at the Blue Hill Fair Grounds on Saturday Mornings.
          If you are there today I would go to The Brooklin Parade and Chicken BBQ then Stonington Harbor for Fireworks tomorrow. Both good times.

          1. The Blue Hill Farmer's Market has the best fresh goat cheese I've ever eaten. I would go early, though.

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              Yes the farmer's market is great. You can also get meat from The King Hill Farm and veggies from The Horse Power Farm, both in Penobscot.
              Check w/ MOFGA (Main Organic Farmers and Growers Association)