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top five places to eat near whyte ave (edmonton)

while it should be one of the places to eat interesting and delicious food in this city, it often fails. So my top five (in no order) would be 1. Da-de-o 2. Furasado 3. Patrack Louis 4. Remedy (if only for the milkshakes) 5. Tasty Tom's.
What are yours? I've never been to Von's or Lee House (Korean) so I didn't add them. I know that Tasty Tom's has been argued about on these boards, but for breakfast, which is what I go for, it is great. Oodle Noodle might have made it on as a 6th, but it is too inconsistant for me.
It is too bad that such a cool neighbourhood would have such disappointing places like Julio's, that Irish pub-thing, and chains like Subway, Pizza Hut and Chili's.

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  1. no one replied.
    not sure if that is because 1) it is a crappy post 2) it is a repetitive post 3) nobody thinks there is good food in the whyte ave area 4) edmontonian foodies are apathetic. Hopefully the last one isn't true.

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      I don't think there is much on, or near, Whyte Ave worth making an effort to go to. Cafe Mosaic may be the best. But other than that, nothing too interesting or unique. Considering its reputation as a cool neighbourhood, given the lack of quality food I don't see how it gets called that. Clothing stores and bars do not a neighbourhood make...

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        ahh i'd say #2 - but come on - Daddio's on whyte is a staple - the casual atmosphere of Churros King for that latin zest - and pizza boys (take out) always rules.

      2. We just had lunch at the Tokyo Noodle Shop yesterday and while it is variable there are some good dishes like the Teriyaki Tofu.

        1. I don't think I have enough to fill out a top 5 list, unfortunately.

          1) Langano Skies
          2) Churros King
          3) DaCapo (for the coffee)
          4) K&K supermarket (for the deli stuff, maybe paired up with some bread from the Eastern European bakery two doors down)

          Have heard good things about Tasty Tom's and Da-de-o's, though I haven't made it either yet. I've heard Jewel of Kashmir is good too, though I've also heard that they're closing up. I only like Remedy for the beer selection and wi-fi.

          1. A little farther down and higher end of course is the unheardof. The lemon pizzas at Packrat Louies never disappoint. Churros king is top five. Dadeos is too. Although I have not been threr for a while, Block 1912 is great for lunch. Continental Treat is great. Love their pickle soup. Phobulous (a little north on 109th) is excellent too. I know there are others, but nothing comes immediately to mind that has not been mentioned already....wait....add the Blue Chair....there seven...

            1. I think the boards may be quieter now because of summer holidays; certainly I haven't had the inside time to surf the net myself.
              Are you talking Old Strathcona or all of Whyte Ave?

              1. Pizza Boys - My favourite mom-and-pop-and-sons Italian around. Amazing New York Style Pizza, and an appropriately angry penne arrabbiata
              2. Royal Pizza - superb Greek style pizza since the early 70s
              3. Savoy Lounge - out of the ordinary bar/grill food - my wife and my mom and I would go in and eat ourselves stupid, ordering and sharing as many things as we could fit into our bellies
              4. Langano Skies - good Ethiopian, nice alternative to Indian food if you like it spicy
              5. Chianti - consistent, and a place I could take the in-laws - the food isn't too odd for them

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                FYI Chianti is consistent in the way the Old Spaghetti Factory is consistent. I am not sure it is a virtue in this context.

              2. I think I passed over this post at first because I misread the title. I assumed it was food just on whyte. Regardless, I think I would suffer from choosing a solid 5 as well. 1) Da-de-o's - absolutely delicious every time we go in (Cherry Coke!!!) 2) Pizza Boys - although I have been a little disappointed with the service the last two times 3) Royal Pizza - Not my personal favorite as I find the crust too thick and greasy, but my GF's family is in love with this place. 4/5) Packrat and Savoy - ok, so maybe I don't venture down to either spot as much as I used to, but we all go through phases.

                I will have to try Churros and Langano soon, as I've read a few good reviews about them.

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                  Just in case you go, Churros keeps really short hours. Generally just weekend evenings, to be safe.

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                    never been to Churros. what should i get?

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                      I've only had their churros sandwiches; I believe they make the churros bread in-house. My favourite is the churros with pork and cabbage.

                      I generally just go and pick it up for dinner, though the restaurant looks nice. If want to do take-out, I recommend you call and order it, say 20 minutes beforehand, unless you're prepared to wait.

                      Please report back on what you end up getting and how you like it!

                2. Yeah, I have a really hard time thinking of a good restaurant on Whyte. I totally forgot about Da-de-os. That place is great. I love the little biscuits they give you at the beginning of your meal. When I lived by Whyte back in the late 90s, I used to LOVE Chianti's but, I haven't been there in almost 8 yrs! I've only been to Churros when they have a booth at the Fringe and noticed their large store front a few months back (don't drive in that area too often...busy!)

                  Is Pizza boys down by Bonnie Doon? If so, that place is soooo on my list. I'm seeking the best pizza in town and have yet to eat there. Is the place nice to sit down at or is it strictly take-out

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                    Pizza Boys is across the street from Bonnie Doon in a strip mall. It's got about half a dozen tables to sit in, but you can take out too if you want. I love that place. Used to live right near there.

                    1. re: alau2

                      I don't really head to whyte ave for the food unless it is breakfast in which case...
                      sugar bowl
                      high level diner
                      cafe mosaic
                      new york bagel co
                      da capo or leva
                      friends & neighbors

                      for other dinner the closest I get is culina, although I have been to von's several times and think it is a very good valued steak house, nothing fancy, but consistently good. I have also been to Flavours bistro, however not for a while. It used to be very good, anyone been lately??

                      1. re: cleopatra999

                        Isn't there a Murrietta's on Whyte? The one in Calgary is pretty good. I haven't been in years, but when I lived in Edmonton I used to go to a chinese place just off whyte, I think it was called Sam Wok's. It was pretty decent and open late.

                        1. re: djdragan

                          There indeed is a Murrietta's around 107th or so on Whyte Ave

                          1. re: djdragan

                            Sam Wok has moved further south.

                            I went to Murrietta's on Whyte not too long after it opened and while the food was decent, it didn't leave enough of an impression on me to encourage me to make a return visit.

                    2. I would concur on Da-De-O's -- love the sweet potato fries and the oyster po-boys. Others I like are Yianni's, Doan's (great lemon grass chicken), Tokyo Noodle Shop and Sushi, and Marco's Hamburgers which makes the best mushroom burger in the city.

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                        I believe Pizza Boys is called Ragazzi's now (sorry going by memory, not sure of spelling). Has anyone been? I wonder if it's the same owners...

                        1. re: lisa in edmonton

                          It was the same family running the show the last time my GF and I were in there, and this was after the name change.

                      2. Pharos (pizza), Furusato (japanese), Tasty Tom's (pub/bistro fare) are good bets. Have not been to the Mill (Bavarian) or Max Light Cuisine ( vegetarian) in a long time but i remember them as being fairly competent at what they offer. Except for Pharos they are on or just off Whyte

                        1. My hubby and I had a reasonably priced good Thai meal east of Gateway Blvd. recently. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, and it may not have been truly authentic Thai, but when is it ever?

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                            Oh - I think you mean Pad Thai - I went there a few weeks ago and it was really good!

                            My top 5 whyte ave spots -

                            1. Culina
                            2. New York Bagel Co (breakfast)
                            3. Dadeo
                            4. Fursado
                            5. Packrat Louies

                            Oodle Noodle would have been on there but since they opened a few years ago to now they have made a few changes that dont live up to the standards that they set for me in the beginning sadly :(

                          2. Gonna bump an old thread. I live by Whyte and eat around there all the time, so I can definitely put up a top 5.

                            1. Murrietta's. Spectacular food, great service. Finer dining, but not pretencious.
                            2. Pad Thai- mostly for lunch, great specials. Love the green curry.
                            3. Tokyo noodle house. Love the Chef's Spicy Uramaki roll
                            4. The King and I. Decent Thai
                            5. Organic roots cafe. Really, really healthy food. Tasty too, but kind of pricey.

                            Also must add Fuss cupcakes. Not really a restaurant, but I love it so much it needs a mention.

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                            1. re: wonderflosity

                              Nooo - not The King and I! Overpriced and ketchupy pad thai. blech. Definitely concur with "Pad Thai" in your choices though. :)

                              1. re: KayceeK

                                "Overpriced and ketchupy pad thai. blech." Amen.

                                1. re: raidar

                                  Interesting. Never had the pad thai at the Edmonton location (although the one in Calgary had great pad thai a few years ago). I've just had some curries with tofu and veggies there. After we discovered Pad Thai, I've never been back to the King and I.

                                  1. re: wonderflosity

                                    Rumour has it that Pad Thai is being torn down some time this summer to make wasy for a new condo :( I hope the owners relocate!

                              2. re: wonderflosity

                                Tasty Tom's still there and Furusato is under new ownership. The King and I maintains its reputation for overpriced faux thai . Murrieta's is competent in the way chainlets are. Dadeo's is worth trying. I can not think of any exceptional food place on Whyte ( Unheardof is way past its prime and should remain unheard of). Sad, when you think about it.

                                PS Packrat Louies just came to mind as one restaurant above the average in the area

                                1. re: felix the hound

                                  Did a family birthday dinner at Unheard Of recently and one of my siblings is obviously thinking of former glories as I have to agree with felix that it's past it's prime.

                                  I'd let it go but the prices they charge deserve a comment....
                                  Nothing really stood out from the dishes we tried and there were some seriously underachieving items like Pork Filet that was way overcooked and apps like Venison Carpaccio that could have been anything as they were killed by the condiments all over them.

                                  The place could use some new blood if they want to get back on the plus side of this list.

                              3. contenetal treat has one of the best steak tar tar in ed and pickle soup is classic

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                                  Continental Treat is great. I agree with bigtuna that those are two of their best dishes. It's the only restaurant around Whyte I will go out of my way to eat at.

                                  Tasty Tom's is passable, but nothing special. I tried it in my quest for Edmonton's best burger. That title goes to Hudson's, which has a location on Whyte. Furusato went downhill either when the new owners came in or my tastes changed. I ate appetizer's at Murrieta's once with drinks on an uninspired half date. They made a turd.

                                  There is (or was, I haven't gone for a while) a Viet sub shop near the 7-11 by the tracks. I don't remember its name, but it's reasonable. If I want a sandwich while I'm on that side of the river I'll try it. I also think Doan's near Sobey's just south of Whyte is edible, again if for some reason I'm not inclined to go downtown. And if you just want a liquid lunch Dream Tea is great.

                                2. The Next Act has been under new ownership since last summer, and the menu has jumped to one of my favourite spots around Whyte Ave.

                                  I was also prety impressed by the new Gin Mill Pub on 104th and Whyte, across from the Second Cup. Good food, and some great specials.

                                  1. Nhon Hoa on 101st and Whyte. They also have a Chinatown location - they have a variety of Vietnamese subs and other things (spring rolls, salad rolls). I haven't had a bad sandwich yet, and it's so cheap for a large sandwich (ranging from $3 to $5, I believe).

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                                      I agree the King and I is overpriced for westernized Thai food. I personally like Yianni's especially on a weekend as you cannot go wrong with belly dancers and saganaki.