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Jul 2, 2008 12:16 PM

top five places to eat near whyte ave (edmonton)

while it should be one of the places to eat interesting and delicious food in this city, it often fails. So my top five (in no order) would be 1. Da-de-o 2. Furasado 3. Patrack Louis 4. Remedy (if only for the milkshakes) 5. Tasty Tom's.
What are yours? I've never been to Von's or Lee House (Korean) so I didn't add them. I know that Tasty Tom's has been argued about on these boards, but for breakfast, which is what I go for, it is great. Oodle Noodle might have made it on as a 6th, but it is too inconsistant for me.
It is too bad that such a cool neighbourhood would have such disappointing places like Julio's, that Irish pub-thing, and chains like Subway, Pizza Hut and Chili's.

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  1. no one replied.
    not sure if that is because 1) it is a crappy post 2) it is a repetitive post 3) nobody thinks there is good food in the whyte ave area 4) edmontonian foodies are apathetic. Hopefully the last one isn't true.

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      I don't think there is much on, or near, Whyte Ave worth making an effort to go to. Cafe Mosaic may be the best. But other than that, nothing too interesting or unique. Considering its reputation as a cool neighbourhood, given the lack of quality food I don't see how it gets called that. Clothing stores and bars do not a neighbourhood make...

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        ahh i'd say #2 - but come on - Daddio's on whyte is a staple - the casual atmosphere of Churros King for that latin zest - and pizza boys (take out) always rules.

      2. We just had lunch at the Tokyo Noodle Shop yesterday and while it is variable there are some good dishes like the Teriyaki Tofu.

        1. I don't think I have enough to fill out a top 5 list, unfortunately.

          1) Langano Skies
          2) Churros King
          3) DaCapo (for the coffee)
          4) K&K supermarket (for the deli stuff, maybe paired up with some bread from the Eastern European bakery two doors down)

          Have heard good things about Tasty Tom's and Da-de-o's, though I haven't made it either yet. I've heard Jewel of Kashmir is good too, though I've also heard that they're closing up. I only like Remedy for the beer selection and wi-fi.

          1. A little farther down and higher end of course is the unheardof. The lemon pizzas at Packrat Louies never disappoint. Churros king is top five. Dadeos is too. Although I have not been threr for a while, Block 1912 is great for lunch. Continental Treat is great. Love their pickle soup. Phobulous (a little north on 109th) is excellent too. I know there are others, but nothing comes immediately to mind that has not been mentioned already....wait....add the Blue Chair....there seven...

            1. I think the boards may be quieter now because of summer holidays; certainly I haven't had the inside time to surf the net myself.
              Are you talking Old Strathcona or all of Whyte Ave?

              1. Pizza Boys - My favourite mom-and-pop-and-sons Italian around. Amazing New York Style Pizza, and an appropriately angry penne arrabbiata
              2. Royal Pizza - superb Greek style pizza since the early 70s
              3. Savoy Lounge - out of the ordinary bar/grill food - my wife and my mom and I would go in and eat ourselves stupid, ordering and sharing as many things as we could fit into our bellies
              4. Langano Skies - good Ethiopian, nice alternative to Indian food if you like it spicy
              5. Chianti - consistent, and a place I could take the in-laws - the food isn't too odd for them

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                FYI Chianti is consistent in the way the Old Spaghetti Factory is consistent. I am not sure it is a virtue in this context.