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Blue Moon Cafe

I have never been to Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore. Is it worth going there for breakfast? I got scared after hearing about long waits, but after I heard about the Captain Crunch french toast, I thought I would reconsider. Is it good for kids?

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  1. Where are you coming from? I don't think it's a bad place for kids but it is a smaller place.

    I personally think the food is really good and worth a short drive.

    1. SO good.

      Kids, no idea, but since it's a small space and there could be a wait, i'd say go if they're well behaved (and not just in your opinion, either). It it small, so it's easiest to go with no more than 4 people.

      1. Absolutely worth it. Hands down my favorite breakfast in Baltimore and it is kid-friendly. If you can get there before 9am on the weekend, there shouldn't be much of a wait.

        1. I'm guessing I'll get slammed for this but there is a caveat. If you are from here I'm sure you've heard about the gruff (to put it mildly) service and long wait for a table. The apathetic servers are right in line with this place's air of an over inflated sense of entitlement. YOU should feel lucky you are having breakfast there and privileged to give them your money. For breakfast? Service for any meal at any restaurant no matter how well known is just not right, especially these days. It's just good to know what you are getting into before you go. IMO-of course- there are plenty of better breakfasts in Baltimore, especially if you are bringing a child. Miss Shirley's for one.

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            I've always wondered about the not so uncommon denunciation of their service. Admittedly, I rarely go to Blue Moon on the weekends when they're so ridiculously packed. However, when I am there, I usually get adequate to quite pleasant levels of service. I do notice I usually get the same young lady, which I think may be the daughter owner. She's very fun.

            I've had one experience at Blue Moon with poor service and that was on a Sunday. Before heavily chowhounding, I always thought it was a fluke rather than the norm.

            Going back to food: I really enjoy the food there. However, I find both them and Miss Shirley's have their own great niches for breakfast fares. Both are kid friendly imo.

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              Now that I think I remember reading a post you wrote about wanting to avoid Miss Shirley's because of an incident with your parents? I think that's what soured me first with Blue Moon. My parents were in town long ago and I recommended Blue Moon based on reviews. I never read any mention of service or the wait being something out of the ordinary and they were very disappointed with the experience. I have since been there myself several times and realize it just comes with the territory, so I just tell people to be prepared as it may happen to them too. When all is said and done, it's not my first choice, but I will go back. Guess that says something.

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                I don't get why people are irritated by a long line. It's a tiny, popular place. If the food and service were always terrible, there wouldn't be long lines, as BMore has some pretty good breakfast places.

                It has a long line outside for a reason. And a long wait for food...I've never experienced it. And even when I waited outside, they'd give me a cup of water or a mug of coffee during the wait.

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                  I absolutely understand what you mean, Phil. First impressions are so important when there are so many options available to you.

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                I never had poor service, or a long wait for food there, and I frequented Blue Moon when I was a BMore regular....

              3. Easily the worst experience of my eating career occurred at the Blue Moon. After an hour wait, how do you have to wait another hour for a freaking omelette? One of the five dishes we ordered came out though. Eggs benedict with crab. CANNED CRAB. Completely unacceptable considering it's in BALTIMORE.

                We asked how long until the rest of our food was ready, she said they hadn't started it yet. We left a $20 on the table and left. I would sooner go to McDonald's than that over -rated closet.

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                  Bottom line is only take kids on a weekday and they'll like Jimmy's on Broadway better.

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                    I'm sorry if I implied I had kids with me. I did not. It was 5 adults and we all agreed it was awful. My brother said he can get better crab in Boulder, CO. I was terribly embarrassed.

                2. I've always had good food and good service and the main complication is that the restaurant is so small that you may have to wait if yours is a party of more than one or two.

                  I offer an overlooked alternative close by: Theresa's Deli inside Broadway Market. Good, cheap food and always wonderful service because the owner is in charge. The only problem I have is that I don't know where you go to the restroom when you eat at the market because the bathrooms seem to be for market staff only and the city's "comfort station" across the street is locked up. So, if that's an issue for you, you cannot eat at Theresa's.

                  1. It's small place very small tight space. Food is good, nothing to write home about but good though. I would get there early, as it is always packed, not because necessarily of how good he food is but the small accommodations. But to each his own, I think the food is good but not great, normal breakfast place. But worth checking it out.

                    1. Been here once. It was a cool place. The kind of place that you have to go to at least once to judge for your self. I liked the atmosphere. The food was alright - not as good a Miss Shirley's though.

                      1. I was there just yesterday for breakfast. I had eggs benedict, which were not great. The eggs were undercooked and the whites were still runny. The canadian bacon was VERY salty-- it tasted more like country ham. GF had a scramble dish, which she enjoyed, but looked underwhelming. We split a cinnamon bun, which was hot and fresh. The service was lackluster, to say the least. It seemed like there was only one waitress working and she had a bad attitude. They definitely need more and better help. Would go again, but certainly wouldn't wait to eat here. I agree that Miss Shirley's is better-- in my opinion, the best breakfast in Baltimore.

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                          I think this might be just a matter of what they do well. I went once and was not impressed at all. I had an omelette with hash browns. Both had enough grease to lubricate a city bus.

                          Reading over the posts, it seems that people who go for eggs-bacon-potatoes type breakfasts think it's pretty bad, while people who go for fruity french toasty sweet type things think it's amazing.

                          So it may just be what you order that makes the difference. Since I don't care for sugary breakfasts, I doubt I'll return, but it seems to be a good place for those with a sweet tooth.

                        2. Just ate there today. I'd say, overrated and overpriced. I had a short stack of the Cap'n Crunch French toast, three slices of bacon and a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for $16.50--which is what a similar plate would have cost me back at my hotel, but I don't expect to be paying hotel prices at a little cafe. The French toast was nothing special. lt was adorned with fake whipped cream and served with fake maple syrup and it was dry, as if not soaked in egg enough. Bacon was average, juice was truly fresh squeezed and very good. I waited about 20 minutes to be seated on a Monday at about 11:45 am, and the same amount of time again to get my food, which to me is excessive for this sort of fare. So buy a box of Cap'n Crunch, and the next time you make French toast, after you dip the bread, coat it with the cereal. Ta da!

                          1. Had breakfast this morning (Sunday) at 7:15 am (because the baby woke up and so we could beat the crowds) and were seated right away. When we left at around 8:15, there was one table still open, so I think the trick, if you really can't stand a wait, is to come before 8:30 on the weekend.

                            We always enjoy our meal which is invariably - dmitri's salsa burrito (breakfast burritos with egg, cheese and hash brown, no meat) and mexican scramble (eggs, cheese, spicy sausage, and veggies). We also got an amazing cinnamon roll this time, which we don't usually do.

                            Our service was great - with the waitress coming back to let us know my decaf coffee was going to be a few more minutes because they were just brewing it. She brought take-home containers right away, and they were NOT styrofoam, but rather some brown cardboard-like boxes which I loved since I hate styrofoam. This makes it even more a favorite than before.

                            I think the place suffers from backlash - that there are so many who rave about it that this opens it up for those who want to pick at things, but overall, it is a solid breakfast choice in Fells Point, IMHO.

                            1. Try the G&G with country sausage. Its biscuits, bacon and eggs covered with gravy. I mull over the menu, but get it every time.