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Gluten Free Pizza in Portland?

I am the editor of an online travel magazine and I just had a submission on Gluten Free Dining in San Diego that mentions a pizza place. I happen to have a sensitivity to wheat and the thought of gluten free pizza has my mouth watering! Anyone out there know of a gluten free pizza spot in Portland?

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  1. Mississippi Pizza Pub was mentioned here as having gluten-free pizza, also mentioned was Mi Famiglia in the OC:


    1. Check this site:
      We make our own gf vegan pizza.

        1. Thank you for all the suggestions and links.

          1. A new pizza place just opened this summer in Sellwood (SE Portland) called Picazzo's. They have gluten-free pizza! Check them out at:

            The only downside is that you have to wait (usually 25-30 minutes), but I think it's worth it!

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              The website lists only places in AZ, if they really have a place in Portland I wonder why it's not listed?

            2. I have been to Mi Familiga in Oregon City and their food is awesome. It is casual, new and the food is ALL made from scratch. I spoke with one of the owners Kyle and he told me they try to use local and natural ingredients. I am so happy I get to eat pizza and it is wood fired my favorite!

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                  Bummer that it's not GF and vegan...

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                    ...not to mention that it's horrible pizza.

                2. It's not pizza, but GF pasta is always hard to find too. Pastini Pastaria has an awesome brown rice penne that can be substituted with any dish. I love their new GF tiramsu too http://www.pastini.com