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Jul 2, 2008 11:49 AM

Where To Get Milwaukee Rye Bread Around Boston?

I've been looking for this bread here and there for awhile now, but haven't seen it around. Believe it or not, my folks used to buy me this bread at the Chestnut Hill Bloomingdale's of all places, back when Bloomingdale's had a bakery/cafe (this was years ago, when I was a little kid).

Has anyone see it anywhere?

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  1. I don't know how similar Milwaukee rye is to the German/Jewish rye (and, especially, onion rye, with swirls of dark brown onion bits like those atop onion rolls) of my Long Island upbringing, but I've never found any rye close to the latter in the Boston area. However, I adore the roasted garlic loaves at Costco's in-store bakeries. It is open, rustic style bread with a good sour taste, tempered by loads of mellow, roasted garlic cloves. There's no rye listed in the ingredients, but it tastes very similar to onion rye.
    It is sold in double-loaf bags, about 2.5 pounds, I believe, for around $4. There's too much moist garlic in it to leave it out at room temp for an extended period, but it freezes just fine. I slice both loaves as soon as I get them home, then freeze in smaller amounts. Warning - after I had this bread three times in two days, a friend said I reeked of garlic from a yard away!

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      It's a little different from Jewish rye (at least the one I used to eat from Bloomingdale's). It was pretty mild and had a sprinkling of white flour on the crust.

      Hmmm...maybe I can order it online...

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        Piantedosi offers some very mild rye bread products in the bakery. Really not certain the style your are describing, but I think their dark rye is decent medium for sandwiches and as a toasting bread, but their marbled strikes me as just a bit too sweet. No white flour, although I have seen white flour dusted loves in a fancier bakery (think hi-rise or something). I think Arthur's in Chelsea uses their bread, although what Michael's has I think is better (the deli thread). There is a newish Russian bakery on Arlington St near Elm that you might want to check out on one of your visits to Strip T's. Its been reviewed here I believe, but go early because I have never managed to catch their store open when I go by (usually 6:35ish :-().

    2. Dark, moist loaves are rare here. The Russian markets sometimes have decent dark rye. When Pigs Fly has a very good pumpernickel, which might be the closest.

      1. Big Sky Bread Company in Newton Centre has a Lithuanian dark rye, it is sort of medium dark and does have the white flour on top, haven't tried it though. They also have a marbled rye and a sourdough rye.

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        1. re: steinpilz

          The Milwaukee Rye I used to get was a light rye. I looked for a picture of a loaf on Google Images, but couldn't really find a good one...

          1. re: hiddenboston

            You might try suggesting Milwaukee Rye to them, they might be interested as it was popular at Bloomingdale's and that's their style of bread (I've been after them to make French style dinner rolls for a couple of years now, without success).

        2. I *loved* the Milwaukee rye from Bloomingdale's!