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Mar 12, 2003 08:50 PM

Looking for good 1/2 off sushi bargains

  • k

Speaking of cheap japanese deals... are there any good places that have decent 1/2 off sushi specials? There use to be a restaurant on the east coast that would always get packed on the 1/2 off sushi day. I miss that place!

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  1. Two places come to mind:

    In Westchester: Kabuki at the Howard Hughes Center

    In Hermosa Beach: Club Sushi

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    1. re: Ray

      -Kabuki in Pasadena (quality varies)
      -Ichiban in Glendale (our favorite and consistent - but haven't been a few months)
      -a place in Larchmont close to Beverly (haven't been)
      -Cowboy(?) Sushi in Westwood, also don't know.
      -Sushi of Naples in Pasadena, I believe has a 30% off deal on certain days/hours

      1. re: Ray
        David Atkinson

        Niko Niko, new Sushi bar on National and Westwood in WLA. Great sushi and bento boxes, half price sushi lunch-time saturdays, all 1/2 priceexcept for the few market price fish. Excellent place, glad they are here!!!