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Jul 2, 2008 11:16 AM

Nando's Peri Peri Chicken

Good afternoon,
I got a seat at Nando Peri Peri Chicken's soft opening tonight. However, I cannot find any information about where it is except for the location described as "Gallery Place." Does anyone know the actual spot this is? Intersections, please.

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  1. It's on 7th St., N.W., in Chinatown, next door to Hooters and across the street from RFD.

    1. on 7th right above H. next door to Hooters and across the street from RFD and Fado.

      1. Please post your review!
        I noticed that there seems to be another one opening up south of Dupont on Connecticut. Any other locations planned?

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          Where did you see that they're opening near Dupont? Their website sucks!

          1. re: aburkavage

            I've walked by the Nando's location on CT in Dupont a number of times. It's near the Fudruckers. There is a sign that says "Future Location" or something along those lines.

            I've never been to a Nando's and haven't really heard of peri-peri chicken. Can someone describe it for me?

            1. re: Elyssa

              Piri-piri is a W. African/Portuguese hot sauce; Nando's is a S. African chain that specializes in chicken w/ piri-piri.


        2. I was in South Africa about a year ago and my only regret was that I didn't have an opportunity to try Nando's... so I was very excited to see the "opening soon" sign on the Connecticut Avenue location (where Candy's Hardware used to be). My understanding is that they have different levels of hotness, with the Peri Peri being fiery and the others ramping down from there. All I know is that people rave about it!

          1. Chinatown location is open now, went there for lunch. To eat in, you walk by the long line waiting to order takeout, get seated, and menu-ed by a host. He raises a marker on the table to identify it occupied. You note the table number, go to the back counter to order and pay. Then you go get yourself real metallic (remember those?) utensils and napkins. This takes two minutes or so. Then you walk back to your table and, in my case, find someone else sitting there. The genius host seated someone at it (nice window table) just after my leaving. After 10 minutes or so, someone brings out your food. I ordered the 1/2 peri peri chicken with medium heat sauce and fries and it was all quite good and a reasonable deal for $9 considering you're eating off a real plate and not plastic. The chicken was grilled, very fresh tasting, and juicy--the fries piping hot. The peri peri sauce is a hot sauce and it is basted on the chicken while cooking. The spice was medium hot (no surprise there) and you can also dump more on if it is not enough, but careful, because it is medium hot. I'm guessing the hot is REALLY hot and the extra hot further still. Be warned. I noticed the sauce is carried by Amazon. All in all, a good alternative to the ubiquitous Peruvian chicken, I will be back.