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Jul 2, 2008 11:14 AM

Birthday Cake in Orange County

I'm looking for a place to buy a birthday cake for my daughter's 1st birthday party and I need some input from my fellow chowhounders. We're going with a pink pirate theme, and I have a design that I'd like them to work with so decent decorating skills are a must, but the hound in me also wants a decent tasting cake. We live in Irvine so I'd like to stay relatively close to my house. The places I'm considering so far are:

Cinderella Cakes - This place has mixed reviews, but supposedly they decorate cakes well. Does anyone know if this place is really expensive?

Susie Cakes - Not sure of their decorating abilities, the pictures on their website would lead me to believe they'd do a decent job.

Layer Cake Bakery - I love their cakes but not sure how well they can decorate. This is my first choice since they are so close to my house.

I know the best place for decorating would be Let Them Eat Cake but I just can't afford them. I also had a cake decorated at Black Forest Bakery and I wasn't very impressed, the cake was good though.



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  1. Blackmarket Bakery, in Irvine's Skypark Circle. Excellent cake and very good decorating skills. I believe my daughter's 1st birthday cake ran me $60 for a large cake with a princess theme.

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      I love Blackmarket but unfortunately my family doesn't, so I can't go there. They thought the cake was too dry, which didn't make any sense to me. The rebel in me is tempted to just go there anyway...

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        Miss Geeklet is 1 already? Oh my.

      2. Was not impressed with the cakes at Cinderella or the decorating at Susie Cakes...we did get our twins first birthday cake at Creative Cakery in Orange right off the circle..they did a great job decorating,and I thought the cake was slightly above average for a large cake that fed about 40 people

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          Hmm, I always wondered about that place. Thanks for the report.

        2. I recommend French's Pastry ( ). Don't be confused with French's Bakery, also in costa mesa. They have a few locations around the OC (mission viejo, irvine, orange) but the mothership is in costa mesa on baker (naturally), but they are closed on Sundays.

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            Final Touch bakery in Little Saigon makes excellent cakes. Check out their website.

            1. Cinderella is very hit or miss. I've had some great cakes from there. Moist and delicious but I've had some nasty stale ones as well. The decorations are always beautiful though.

              I don't know how important the decorations are to you, but you can actually get a very good cake at Gelson's. White cake with Bavarian Cream and fresh stawberries is my favorite birthday cake!

              1. If you ask the ladies at Layer Cake, I'm sure they can try to work it out for you. They do wedding cake orders after all, so I would assume that they do decorations.