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Jul 2, 2008 10:43 AM

60th Birthday with 10-20 Guests in Hollywood/Ft. Laud

Hello FL Hounds! I actually live in California but I'm visiting South Florida at the end of this month for my dad's 60th birthday. I'm looking to plan something festive to bring out friends and family on a Saturday night. I'm definitely looking for something affordable since I'm most likely picking up the bill myself (keeping around $20 per person not including alcohol). Nothing super fancy since my parents aren't really into that. Something more sporty and casual perhaps near the beach would be great.

After looking through this board I've noticed that Taverna Opa could be a great option for sunset dinner ($18 per person) or La Barraca in Hollywood. Our friends and Family are mostly Columbian so latin cuisine would be lovely but they're not picky.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a casual birthday spot that would be affordable?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ok, using "$20pp, casual and festive" as a guideline. In Hollywood- If they are meat eaters, Argentango may work

    Cuban- Padrino's (actually Hallandale
    )Opa is fun. Never done La Barraca.

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      thank you! I used to visit Padrino's often in Hallandale. I remember their Arroz con Pollo being amazing!

    2. I was just going to recommend La Barraca. The owner/manager is very accommodating and friendly. I attended a bday party there, it's great since almost all the dishes are tapas and are for sharing, so if someone does not like something, just choose another item from another plate! Free show included, not sure of the nights and times. The have a full bar and sangria available. There is a very affordable parking garage 1 block away, I could not believe how cheap it was. Something like $2 for the whole night!


      1. I would not recommend Opa if you want to enjoy each other's company. It's so loud you have to yell your order to the waitress and conversation amongst you would be impossible. The food is merely ordinary. Lot's of dancing on the tables and napkins thrown into the air in the midst of your meal. Not that it can't be fun, but you have to be in the right frame of mind.

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          I was just about to post the same thing. Opa is a really fun night out if you are in the mood to dance on tables (or have other people dance on your table) and throw napkins. It is probably not a good choice for dinner with older relatives. :)

          Argentango and La Barraca are both good choices in downtown if you are interested in LatAm food for your celebration. Have a nice party.

          1. re: ldkelley

            Re: Argentango- Looking at their website I was totally excited to call and check on group events. I call and a lady answers the phone that couldnt understand a word of english. After hearing her say "uhhh...." a few times I had to ask if she spoke english. Then she says "one moment" and hands me to another guy that didn't speak much english either. Finally got a manager - and he went through the menu with me for prices (which are not listed on their online menu). Nice of him to do so, but I'll pass. I think Opa is the winner!