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Jul 2, 2008 10:35 AM

Best Niagara Icewine?

Hello fellow chowhounds,

I will be travelling to Korea in August and would like to bring some Niagara icewines as presents. Unfortunately, as I am allergic to alcohol I need some suggestions. I would prefer not to go to the larger wineries (Jackson Trigg, Inniskillin, etc) and would like to stay in the Beamsville/Jordan area, as my family lives in Stoney Creek.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. First, I feel sorry for you - to be allergic to alcohol!

    Anyway, try Royal De Maria and you won't have to trek out to Niagara-on-the-Lake. They offer a free tasting flight (although being allergic, this probably shouldn't make a difference to you). They make exclusively ice wine and you can get different grape varietals there. This is the winery that made the most expensive bottle of ice wine in the world, and was also selected to present the ice wine gift to the Queen while she was on her Jubilee visit.

    1. Hi ee, I have had one from Stratus, though icewine is not my favorite drink in general, it was good, and the package is very stick to looks like you might have to purchase from LCBO Vintages, the winery has just one year of the red left...check it out:

      1. Magnotta is a great gift choice, with it's Patriotic-Canadian Maple-leaf packaging and reasonable price - can be purchased directly from the winery, or from winery-owned stores around the province.

        It's not what I would consider THE best, but it's won awards, is of very solid quality and has great packaging, all for a VERY reasonable price, compared to the tres-chic brands.

        They even have a sparkling Icewine - great party/gift idea.

        Magnotta Beamsville
        4701 Ontario Street.
        Beamsville, ON L0R 1B4
        Tel: 905-563-5313
        Fax: 905-563-8804

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        1. re: TorontoTips

          I second this one... Magnotta is quite nice!

        2. Royal de Maria. The 400+ awards and medals are a good sign. However, their bottles are all the $200 range. If you want to go cheaper, though, many wineries in the region offer excellent late harvest wines. Henry of Pelham also has a good late harvest, and a good icewine.

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            I was at Royal De Maria a few weeks ago, and they actually have some available for starting at $75ish...although there are only about two types at that price...then it begins to skyrocket...

          2. Woah, royal de maria? Seriously? Skip the amateurs and head to Danny Lenko for the good stuff. Also check out Featherstone, Flat Rock, Hidden Bench. Danny does a Vidal late harvest that rivals any ice wine and is not expensive. Check his web site for opening dates and times as he is quite small and not an "everyday" winery.

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              his ice wine was ok and the vidal late harvest was pretty darn good, but certainly not the best. but because of the lack of popularity and the lack of funds for most people to keep this in their regular rotation, he's got them on sale by the case. i think it worked out to approx $20 a bottle or less for the ice wine and that's cheap for the quality! a case might be too much for you, but at $20 a bottle it's a great gift that you can hand out.