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Jul 2, 2008 09:59 AM

Chow worthy stop between SF Zoo and Inverness

We are going on a small roadtrip and want some advice for good food places that we should check out. We're driving from SF zoo to Inverness in the early afternoon. Ideally, places to pick up snacks, have dessert/tea/coffee, have a small bite or detour worthy places to pick up food supplies. Not big meals.


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    1. Which day of the week and what route?

      Petaluma is always a food-worthy stop.

      Lombardi's has two great locations. The downtown location (next to Della Fatoria ...a worthy stop as well) has great hot dogs and I want to try the hamburgers that are char-grilled outside. Don't miss the Pardoni potato salad.

      The other location, has BBQs outside on the weekend. The BBQ oysters are wonderful.

      Also, can't beat Petaluma Creamery for ice cream and shakes.

      Here's the Petaluma links

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        It's Pedroni's potato salad, not Pardoni's. And rworange is right. you shouldn't miss it. It's giving me a huge nostalgia attack right now just thinking about it.

        1. re: rworange

          We're going on Tuesday/Wednesday. We'll definetely stop into Petaluma.

          1. re: wendy

            Just to do a destination check, you are aware that Petaluma is about 25 miles NE of Inverness so it's not on your route from the SF Zoo. There is a lot of great chow to be found in Petaluma, but you might not want to travel beyond your destination.

        2. You could stop off in Larkspur for Pizzeria Picco for excellent pizza and soft serve ice cream with olive oil and salt. Then walk about a block down to Emporio rulli for coffee and baked goods.