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Jul 2, 2008 09:47 AM

Mexican Standoff - Scottsdale

Does anyone know if Mexican Standoff, the new Kasperski venture at Southbridge, has opened yet?

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  1. I don't believe so. Seftel had an article in the Rep about various new restaurants last week:

    1. I was at Cowboy Ciao last week and they were saying *maybe* sometime in August.

      1. What's the concept of this place, again?

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        1. re: crsin

          Their concept apparently involves being politically incorrect -- de rigeur on the "Waterfront."

          1. re: misohungrychewlow

            You know, that is not all bad, provided that the food is great. Chef Bernie probably has some tricks up his sleeve. Cannot wait, but hope that Perer remembers my comments on the db levels.


          2. re: crsin

            Mexican Standoff - Mexican/Latin American fare with a refined twist from restaurateur Peter Kasperski (Cowboy Ciao, Sea Saw, Digestif) and chef Bernie Kantak at SouthBridge in downtown Scottsdale. Opening: summer.

          3. Anyone heard if this place is open yet?

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            1. re: bpreston

              no answer at (what I think is) their number: 480-421-9463 (480-421-WINE) and the website doesn't appear to have gone live yet.

              1. re: hohokam


                An email failed to the contact on the page but I've emailed the admin contact - we'll see if I get a timely response.

              2. re: bpreston

                I was at SouthBridge last week and it looks like it may still be awhile. Still roughly finished, and I didn't see any opening date posted.

                1. re: bpreston

                  They can't be open. The website says Summer 2008, and if they were open, that would mean they were on time. That never happens.

                  I don't think a Kasperski operation is going to open without mainstream press coverage within the first week, if not the first day.