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Jul 2, 2008 09:33 AM

Fabulous food for an in-city honeymoon

Hey folks,
I'm getting married in a few weeks (holy crap!) and since we can't really afford the time or money it would take to have a proper honeymoon trip right after the wedding, we decided to book a couple nights at a nice hotel in downtown and have a mini honeymoon weekend in the city.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions on some really fabulous places we can go for dinner that would be outside of our norm.
Keep in mind that I work downtown and we live in Wallingford, so the usual mid-price offerings that would be good for out of towners are kind of done. (I go to pike place pretty much every day, for example, so places like Matt's, Steelhead, wild ginger, etc are out).

I don't often stay in the city for dinner so I know there are quite a few places out there we have never been, but I'm pretty conversant on anywhere around here thats open for lunch. Oh, and we have a car.

We're staying at the hotel 1000 for a point of location reference (which is awesome and I can walk to work on Monday).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd probably choose Union. It's close enough to walk to, it takes reservations, the ambiance is fairly nice/romantic, they have good service, and the food is pretty darn good.

    Much depends on the type of food you like, and how casual or upscale you'd like to be. Restaurant Zoe, The Dahlia Lounge, and Brasa are all good places downtown as well.

    If you want to drive I'd also consider The Harvest Vine or Rovers.

    If you don't mind a place that doesn't take reservations, I'd highly consider Sitka and Spruce or Lark.

    1. Elemental at Gasworks is a lot of fun, in a demure way, as is Pasta Freska, in a noisier-livelier way. Others: Senor Moose, Bizarro, Wild Mountain Cafe, Stumbling Goat Bistro, Perche No, Persimmon, 35th Street Bistro. I can feature honeymoon dining at any of these, though you'll want to give good attention to finding the atmosphere that will work best for you, as some are noisier than others.

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        wait what, there's a restaurant at gasworks?! I run there every day and never knew.

      2. how about spending one night of your mini-honeymoon in Woodinville (at the Willows Lodge, with dinner at Herb Farm)? you can book the private table overlooking the main dining room, far from the madding crowd...and tour the wineries (or brewpubs) next door etc

        1. Dinette and the Corson Building leap to mind...

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            I thought about suggesting the Corson Building, but it didn't seem very honeymoonish. I know after my wedding eating with a bunch of people I didn't know would not have been high on my list of things to do.

          2. Serafina is romantic and never disappoints. Other ideas would be Chez Shea (also very romantic, although it IS in the market), Tavolata or Zoe in Belltown have great menus this time of year - I've had great nights at both of these.

            Oh by the way - don't go to BOKA in Hotel 1000 - it is disappointingly very "LA-touristy"- not my style and the food and service were dreadful to boot.


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              I know you said you spend a lot of time at the market, but I think Chez Shea is very romantic, and the food is really consistent. I would also recommend Rovers for the occasion. That is a treat.

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                Marjorie might be a good choice. Belltown, small, good food, intimate.