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Jul 2, 2008 09:23 AM

Ellenville, NY adventures

I am in Ellenville, New York doing a show for the next month and a half. I am eager to discover lots of different and unique foodie places. I don't have a car, so most of my adventures will have to be walking distance - I'm staying on Canal Street in downtown. I'm happy to hoof it a few miles.

There will also be a few opportunities to catch a ride with somebody who has a car, so I am also looking for any suggestions in the surrounding areas.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. And I promise to write a lengthy and in depth response about all my food finds. Thanks so much.

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  1. There is a bakery, Cohen's (in 'downtown' area), that is reputed to have wonderful raisin pumpernickel bread. I was there over the weekend and sampled that bread. The rest of the bakery fare seemed to be of the the traditional Jewish bakery variety which is appealing to those of us who grew up on such things as 7 layer cake and mandelbrot, but may not be universally appealing. Not sure how good of any of that stuff is, but the bread was pretty darn good.

    Also in that area is the "European deli"--a few years ago we stopped in and got pierogi (not bad). Not sure if it is still serving up the same fare, but might be worth a look see....

    1. Aroma Thyme Bistro is probably the more "sophisticated" restaurant in town. You can look up the Web site for their offerings.

      Other than that, I'm not quite sure if the town is as lively as you imagine would be. The last time I went there for a show in Shadowland, Aroma Thyme and the theater were the two "lively" thing that night in town, and it was a Saturday night......

      If you can hitch a ride, New Paltz is always a good destination for food and activities.

      1. Danny's in Wurtsboro, about 10 miles south on Rt 209 while not sophisticated is not bad. In Port Jervis (about 25 miles south)there was a very good restaurant called The Vault. I don't know, if it's still there but it's worth the trip. There are others but I don't know how far you're friend with a car is willing to go. Several in Middletown for example are good. Let me know and I'll recommend more.

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          Not much happening in Ellenville unfortunately. You need to head north to Kingston (around 30 miles) or over the mountain to New Paltz (about 20 miles) for anything really enjoyable. I've heard good things about Aroma Thyme Bistro but havn't been myself so I can't comment.