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Jul 2, 2008 09:15 AM

Need Cape Breton Help: Farmer's Markets or Good Food Shops

We'll be in Cape Breton at the end of July, staying near Margaree Forks. We'll be in a housekeeping cottage with a fully equipped kitchen, so we'll mostly cooking for ourselves.

I did a search and have found a lobster pound at the Island Sunset resort for fresh seafood and fish, so I can cross that off my list.

Any suggestions as to farmers markets or good food shops that carry local produce and other items? I try to avoid supermarkets when I can.

Thanks very much.

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  1. I live on Cape Breton Island, although not close to Margaree Forks. To get to your housekeeping cottages you will probably be taking the TransCanada 105 through Whycogamagh. There is a good speciality store here called The Farmers Daughter. Just before you come to the turnoff for The Cabot Trail, you will find an excellent deli called The Herring Choker. It is probably your best place to buy cheese and cold cuts and other goodies. Try their excellent bread, especially their porridge bread. Stock up as it would be too far to come back to this place from your cottage. You will be in a very rural area and any stores are few and far between.

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      I agree the Herring Choker deli/bakery is an oasis. Had lunch there last week, outstanding sandwiches and cookies. I was so taken, I bought Lexie Chapman & Heather Chapman-MacRae's "Traditional Cape Breton Recipes from Sweetie's Bake Shop" for a only $6.50!

      Lots of dry goods and interesting stuff in the back too.

      The Margaree is heaven on earth . . . except in January.

      1. re: mussel man

        Thanks for the tips. We're leaving a week from today. Can't wait. We LOVE Cape Breton. Really looking forward to some much needed relaxation in the Margaree valley.

        I assume we'll be able to find provisions in the Margaree area, but we'll definitely check our the Herring Choker on our way from Baddeck to Margaree Forks. We'll be in Baddeck for a wedding.