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Jul 2, 2008 08:55 AM

Bridgton, ME, any chowish places?

I will be in the Bridgton, ME area Sat (5 July). Any chowish places? I have done a search but didn't find many recent posts. Napels, Harrison, Waterford? They seem to be within 6-8 miles. Fryburg and Norway are possibilities


Ken B

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  1. Right on Rt. 302 you'll find Bray's brewpub in Naples: Nothing haute cuisine, but good reliable pub food and very nice beers.

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      Agreed. The food can vary in quality, depending on how slammed they are. A June lunch got us great fish sandwiches, but dinner this Sat night yielded overfried clams and fish & chips that were way too crispy. The beer is still v good, and you can play horseshoes outside.

    2. Have heard that Venezia in Bridgton is a nice little Italian restuarant but haven't tried it myself. Based on experience, would have to agree that Bray's is really about it... the beer is good and the pub menu is standard fare and not awful. Try the sausage sampler. And for heaven's sake, stay far, far away from Rick's in Naples!

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        Had dinner at Venezia a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I keep meaning to go back again and will try to do so soon.

      2. I have to laugh about this post. We spend a lot of time in this area as my kids are at summer camp on Sebago. The food is dismal to say the least. The Naples Lobster Pound is fun but just okay. It is "One Mile South of the Causeway". I love going there on the camp's parents' visiting weekend. That is the night all of my people just say no to treif food. Go and enjoy but forget looking for anything great.

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          Micah? My daughter has been at camp there for three years and as regular treif eaters we were sorely dissapointed in Naples Lobster Pound. The lobster was boiled, I needed a bucket to catch all the water that poured out when I cracked it open. Tasteless by any standard let alone compared to a lobster properly steamed or roasted. I did however love,and I mean love the fried whole belly clams. Whole bellies are rare in NYC and I gobbled them up in every place I could. I leave again this Saturday and the eating highlight of the trip will be pizza in New Haven.

        2. Too late for the OP, but may help someone in the future.

          The Black Horse and Venezia's in Bridgton are both good. The Blackhorse is across form Rite Aid / next to Food City and has pretty good pub food. Venezia's is on 302 at the Western edge of town as you head towards Shawnee Peak. Decent Italian food in a casual setting.

          If you are looking for lobster, Butcher's Seafood on 302 in Casco , Kens Cove on 302 in Bridgton and the Fisherman's Net also on 302 in Raymond are all decent. All 3 are basically no-frills take-out places, but the Fisherman's net has the most tables. Also, Bob's Seafood in Windham does ok fried seafood.

          1. Just to update this thread a bit, we tried a new place called Standard Gastropub in Bridgton last night. It is a still-operating Mobile gas station with the usual mini mart converted into a gastropub. They have a very nice bottled beer selection (wine too, which we didn't really look at) and daily menus featuring things like adobo pork tacos, steak frites, house-smoked pastrami sandwiches, elote corn. They are trying very hard and serving a level of food you won't find much beyond Portland. Wishing them success, it definitely livens up the area dining options. And reasonable gas prices too!