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Jul 2, 2008 08:52 AM


I think Alidoro sandwiches are really good (although they could stand to add a more generous portion of meat), but I have one gripe about all of their sandwiches. There is too much olive oil added to them. Do you think I would offend the sandwich maker if I asked to go easy on the OO? I know that Alidoro has such a great reputation and the guy there is a craftsman, so I don't want to offend him.


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  1. Walter's a nice guy. I wouldn't hesitate to ask him to go easy on the olive oil. For what it's worth, I'm a fan of the Dino and the Alyssa on sfilatino.

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      1. re: Desidero

        the Roxie is of the few chicken sandwiches...

      2. If it were still Melampo with Alessandro you'd be risking your life, but now at Alidoro you might get out alive.Try the Pinocchio.

        1. I just went and got a Pinocchio on whole what. But, walter didn't make it, the other woman who usually answers the phones did. I didn't even realize she was making it, but she didn't add OO anyway. The olive spread was unbelievable. It had a tangy sweetness that I couldn't figure out what the ingredient was, but it was great.

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            yep-the tapenade, soppressata, proscuitto, mozzarella,peppers combo is killer. I usually get it on sfogliati bread. Pinocchio is the best and that ain't no lie.

            1. re: guttergourmet

              any ideas about the secret ingredient in their olive spread?

              1. re: offthebeatenpath1

                Good call on the Pinocchio - it's my "go to" at Alidoro.