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Jul 2, 2008 08:51 AM

Best ice cream places within 10 miles of Downtown New Haven?

Candidates include:

Does anyone feel like suggesting other great ones? A bunch of us go to a different ice cream place every week, so I need suggestions.

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  1. It might be a little farther but Sweet Claude's in Cheshire is quite good

    1. Bill's Carousel in Westville

      1. misfire- I talked up Wentworth's before I saw it on your list.

        1. I like Rita's on Route 1 in Branford.

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          1. re: Shoreliner

            it is closer to 20 miles, but Dr. Mike's in Monroe is great

          2. On another thread, I nominated
            Sweet Claude's, Cheshire, CT
            Big Dipper, Prospect, CT
            Wentworth Homemade Ice Cream, Hamden, CT.
            ...which are still valid, though Big Dipper may be a little out of your 10-mile limit.
            Ashley's may be the best in NH itself, but I prefer their stores in other towns over the NH ones.