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Jul 2, 2008 08:50 AM

Plum Island / Newburyport Food

I am heading up to this area for a weekend soon and would really appreciate recommendations on the best places to eat for lunch and dinner.

Only staying three days two nights and have a long drive from New York, so don't want to drive too far once there.

So far, I hope to check out:

Bob's Lobster Shack
Glenn's Galley
Maybe Gram's for icecream.

Thanks so much for your advice.

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  1. Plum Island Grill is one of my favorites. Fresh seafood. Great cocktails. The sunsets are spectacular too. It's at the next intersection past Bob Lobster. You can't miss it.

    1. Plum Island Grille is right on the island as is Mad Martha's.

      In Newburyport there are plenty of places to check out. the drive from Plum Island to Newburyport is short and once your there you can park and walk around.

      Glenn's is nice....The Grog is casual and has a big menu. Merrimack River Grille is new and have heard some good reports although I have not been yet. I like Stella's for lunch.

      1. Bobs lobster is great! I was driving through Plum Island one day and stopped to have lunch. Fabulous and you sit in a meadow overlooking a marsh. Very very casual but excellent.

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          Do you want nice or a dive? Last year I watched the fireworks(the big ones in August I think) from the parking lot of a dive on a side street near downtown. Hopefully someone knows the name. Big plate of really good clams and shrimp and i am still craving to go back for their french fries. They are kind of diamond or triangle shaped and delicious. Sorry cant think of the name.. By the way, the fireworks were RIGHT overhead that place and it wasnt a crowded zoo like the center of town but plenty of people in the lot enjoying it. It was really a fun experience.

          1. re: chompie

            Dive or nice doesn't matter as long as the food is good.

        2. The Grog is great for a burger and beer; Bob's Lobster is a must - very casual, but great, fresh seafood.

          Plum Island Grille is definitely higher prices (and I'd say that reservations would be required this weekend). Mad Martha's has drop-dead great breakfasts, and also serves dinner - a limited menu - but I don't think they take reservations.

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            Mad Martha's used to have very good breakfasts. The last two times I was there- within the last six months- it was nothing close to delicious. The fish cakes tasted less-than-fresh, and my pancakes were actually dry. They also charged for a teeny medicine cup of maple syrup. Any place that is stingy with maple syrup in N.E. and serves dry pancakes- off the breakfast list. Did ownership change or something?

          2. I stopped in for a scoop at Gram's a couple weeks ago. Had the best scoop of ice cream in a loooong time - cappuccino hazelnut was so studded with nuts that I got two whole hazelnuts at least with every bite. Subtle coffee flavor complemented the nuts, and did not overwhelm. It certainly seemed housemade. Enthusiastically recommend you try it.

            Did not stop in to the Plum Island Grill, but driving by, we were almost pulled in by the amazing smell of grilling and garlic. By my nose, it's a winner!

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            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              Okay, I'm there. (I'm sort of an ice cream freak.)

              And it's literally right around the corner from where we're staying.

              1. re: Bostonbob3

                Look forward to hearing what you think...