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Jul 2, 2008 08:44 AM

Poughkeepie (ish) lunch/dinner?

We'll be driving up to Poughkeepsie, and I'm hoping to take charge of the food, so we don't end up some where at random.

I'd appreciate any suggestions for dinner (my hope was the Culinary Institute, but I see they're closed) - moderately nice, not overly noisy. French? Greek? Italian?

And also lunch. And since we're driving up, it could be lunch on the way, slightly south, maybe anywhere between Croton and Poughkeepsie.


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  1. I always enjoy eating at the Busy Bee Cafe (American) in Poughkeepsie. I would recommend it for dinner. Twist (American) in Hyde Park is also very good, but it might be a little too far north for you. Aroma Osteria (Italian) in Wappingers is excellent. For a more casual meal, I would suggest Bombay Grill (Indian) in Beacon or Twisted Soul (Fusion) in Poughkeepsie for lunch. I also know that many people like Umami Cafe in Croton. I'm not that partial to their dishes, but one of my friends loves their Tuna Mini Won Ton Tacos.

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      Thanks. Sounds like Busy Bee sounds closest to fitting the bill. Thanks. Guess there aren't as many options as I thought in Poughkeepsie.

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        Artist Palate on Main Street Poughkeepsie may be another good choice for both lunch and dinner. If you want something more casual, Soul Dog on the far end of Main Street close to the river is another option. Also near Vassar College there's a cafe that has great soup and salads and decadent pastries, the name escapes me now, but it's a good place to grab a quick lunch.

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        busy bee is now having wednesday 'tapas' - it's not spanish at all, but rather, small dishes. i think tapas are $7, mini wine drinks at $4 each...?

        twisted soul's tapas are on hold for now (no longer offered friday/saturday evenings), possibly coming back in september.

      3. If you're driving from Croton to Poughkeepsie I imagine you're taking Route 9. Not much on the way up in terms of food, but there is The Stadium in Garrison for lunch if anyone is a sports fan. Literally right on Route 9 on the right hand side as you are driving northbound. Typical bar food with a few non-bar food offerings, but their collection of sports memorabilia is pretty amazing.

        As for dinner, I second the Aroma Osteria recommendation. It's pretty much right off of Route 9 in Wappingers Falls. Brothers in Beacon has good Italian food as well at cheaper prices, but that's about a 35 minute drive south of Poughkeepsie, if you are still going to be in Poughkeepsie around dinnertime. It would be on your way back, I guess. The River Station in Poughkeepsie, right by the train station, has fairly average food and great views of the Hudson. A good place to go for drinks.

        1. There's a cute lunch cafe called Baby Cakes Bakery and Cafe, and the Beach Tree is another good option. They're right next to each other on Collegeview avenue.
          Also - there's a great mexican place called the Dutch Cabin on Fairmont Ave in Poughkeepsie. Doesn't look like much, but the food is really good!