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Jul 2, 2008 07:19 AM

Stylin' pies

Okay - I posted a question before about freezing pies for a pie buffet at my wedding, Now I would like suggestions for making fabulous-looking pies. I can thing of a million things to do to make a cake look great, but I'm a bit more stumped when it come to pies. My thoughts thus far:

Crumble pies are naturally lovely, and a little drizzle of glaze criss-crossing the finish is enough to snazz up my pear-cardamom crumble pie. Lemon meringue is another that doesn't need gussying. (To me, the only point of lemon meringue is how cool it looks).

I intend to make peach pie, blueberry pie, apple pie. One of these, probably the peach, will be lattice-top. I've done very nice "plaid" lattices, in which the woven strips alternate between wide and narrow, so I'll probably do that. For one of the others, I can have fun with the cut-out - hearts or flower shapes. That leaves a third fruit pie to finish.

I intend to have at least one chocolate pie, which can be finished with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. But if I have coconut cream and key lime, I don't want to just do more whipped cream rosettes.

Ideas? And are there pies I'm forgetting?

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  1. I stand in awe of those who, personally. try to provide the food at their own wedding. Lots of luck!

    I have seen very pretty pies with crinkled fillo dough on top. I tried it but found the top looked very pretty but where the dough met the pie filling it was very soggy and uncooked. I suppose they could be done separately, but that doesn't seem very practical. Perhaps in this very vast audience there is someone who knows how to do that properly and could help us both.

    1. I love butterscotch pie, and although I'm not a pie baker, one of these days I'm going to make one! I do make a pretty mean sweet potato pie with praline crust it doesn't have butter in the custard, and it is delicious. I also love to see fruit pies with wide lattice strips, but the ones I saw in minature were just darling with large sugar crystals coating the strips and glistening away. Cherry/Rhubarb, apricot, and for rustic pies with rough looking crusts are my downfall, I'd use pear/raspberry or blackberry. More for the fall, but so gorgeous to look at, I think anyway...

      Oh and just remembered another trim, braided dough and painted with egg to get the pretty golden sheen, that and a decorative on the top or a design cut so that the fruit peeks through. I'll bet Martha STewart would have dozens of creative and beautiful ideas!

      1. We didn't have a wedding, just a casual reception. But, I don't like wedding cakes (generally) so I made three miniature desserts instead. One of the minis were apple pies, and instead of a traditional top crust, we cut out a maple leaf and it fit over the top just right. (We got married in British Columbia, so the maple leaf made sense.) Are you honeymooning somewhere that you could fit that sort of a theme into your pies? I think raw sugar makes any crust look better too! I was thinking for the key lime, it might be neat if you put a doilie (sp?) over the top and sprinkled powdered sugar through the holes in it, but I think the powdered sugar would soak in. Maybe you could do that sort of a thing with regular sugar and then caramelize it with a torch... that might be pretty. Or you could do that on the coconut pie- that might make more sense.

        1. First I want to wish you all the luck with your upcoming marriage and your pie endeavor. I love pie, and I think this is a lovely twist for dessert at a wedding. Here are some of my ideas....For the Key lime you could do something with the limes, like a lime twist on every slice or top with some grated lime peel. If you are feeling adventurous you could make candied lime peel and somehow incorporate that into the decor.

          I like the doily idea someone else had, what if you used it for the coconut cream. You could toast the coconut and then finely grind it and shake it over the doily which is on top of the pie. If this works, the coconut and the pie would be two different colors so it would stand out more than just using powdered sugar.

          For the fruit pie, maybe you could decorate with fresh herbs, maybe mint? I'm sure there are a whole bunch of pies I am forgetting, but you could do a simple vanilla pie and decorate it with either candied or fresh edible flowers. I think the contrast between the white pie and brightly colored flowers would be striking.

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            Cookie cutters are a great way of making a different looking lattice. Roll out the dough circle for the top crust, take a small cookie cutter(s) in a shape(s) you like and proceed to make a doiley leaving enough dough between cuts and around the edge to support it when you pick it up. After the top crust is in place and crimped, take the cut outs and attach them with egg wash around the edge for or border and/or on top for a raised design that echoes the lattice. Brush the whole thing with egg wash and sprinkle with sanding sugar for shine and glitter. BTW a vanilla bean stored in sanding sugar flavors the sugar and adds an extra flavor dimension to the crust when sprinkled on.

            This site: has beautiful crystallized and glazed flowers for garnishing if you don't want the hassle of doing your own.

          2. I think this subject came up once before..?Anyway, have you thought about some miniature pies for your buffet, to serve? You could have your larger version for display, and table decor, and serve the minis? Sort of on the same idea as having a cake made of styrofoam for looks, and then sheet cake in the back for serving.

            Just a thought. They are so easy, pop it in your mouth, like amuse bouche. The little pecan tassies that I make are little one bite pies (I'm a total fan of these now!) But you could really make them so different, caramel, chocolate, pecans YUM!

            I'm thinking with so many wonderful pies, it would be hard to choose, and then being committed to one slice at a time rather difficult. For me anyway, of course I wouldn't want to waste any pie...
            By the way I just love this idea, sooooo wonderful and a very nice uique change to cake. Did you say you had a theme???

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            1. re: chef chicklet

              I can see your concern about choosing a pie, and slicing and all that, but I think 1) minis would be a lot more work and 2) whole pies seem more "down-home," while minis seem more formal. This is definitely a casual wedding.

              No theme, besides marriage, which is the default and I think only necessary theme for a wedding. The reception and possibly the ceremony as well will be at a beach house, though, so I suppose there's a bit of a beach thing going on. We're having bbq