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Jul 2, 2008 07:06 AM

Caribbean Pan or Caribbean Grill (DFW)

Craving some caribbean food, does anyone know if one of these is better than the other? There are a couple of references on this board, but I can't tell. Strange that they are so close, are they owned by the same people?

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  1. Caribbean Pan has been displaced by the landlord and they are now the Scarlet Ibis on Midway behind the Ferraris restaurant in Addison. I would say that Carribean Pan/Scarlet Ibis was/is better but since the location has moved I noticed that the quality of food has slipped a bit but I would still choose them over Caribbean Grill. They are not owned by the same individual/s. I would give them a few months to get things in line. They definitely need business b/c they were empty on a recent visit at lunch. Caribbean Grill seems more like a dancehall that happens to have food. I have never been impressed with the food there. My number one favorite is Taste of the Islands (Alma & Spring Creek) in Plano and then Elaines Kitchen (MLK and Hwy175) close to Fair Park

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      you ought to try caribbean cafe in frisco, it's absolutely tiny but they make a pretty mean cuban and they're very friendly. i want to go sometime for the arroz con pollo but you gotta order it an hour in advance and it serves 2. it's cuban food though moreso than other types of caribbean. and of course taste is someplace everybody should try.

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        I meant to mention that Caribbean Cafe is also close to the former location of Caribbean Pan and Caribbena Grill. Caribbean Cafe happens to be stricy Cuban and if you are looking for curried oxtails, jerk chicken, rice and peas then this is a bit different. I have been to Caribbean Cafe and enjoyed the yucca and a special on one day but it has been a while since that visit.

        Luniz is referencing the Cuban place that now has a location in Frisco.

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          I really have a jones for jerk chicken, whole snapper in peppers/onions, roti, curried goat, etc. Looking for Jamacian or Virgin Islands/West Indies fare. It doesn't have to be one of those places, I just happened to drive by them twice this week. Any other suggestions are great. No cuban though, I've got that one covered.