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Jul 2, 2008 06:27 AM

Sunday lunch with stroller (west London)

Hi all. Searched the board but had no joy. I'm meeting friends for Sunday lunch and they've got a little one in tow. I'd like something traditional -- and, clearly, a glass of wine or two -- in west London, preferably Holland Park, Notting Hill, Kensington. What we don't want is somewhere the child is going to be unwelcome or upset diners paying £30 for a roast.

Thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks, 'hounds.


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  1. Not a traditional Sunday Roast... but Locanda Locatelli is supposedly very child friendly. He has young ones himself and is very pro-children in proper restaurants.
    Sheekey's & Boxwood Cafe are both kid friendly too, without being like a Giraffe.

    1. Weather dependant - I would choose somewhere with outdoor seating. I just find its easier w/ a baby in tow.

      The Oak (not traditional - but good mediterranean) on Westbourne Park, NH and Julies (modern british/semi trad) in Holland Park have a few outdoor tables and they don't get as packed as gastro-pubs. You can reserve at Julies.

      You can also consider Bumpkin just down the road from the Oak. Its very family friendly and serves a good roast.Though no outdoor seats

      My biggest challenge on Sundays in west London is finding something that is good and not completely slammed or fully booked a week ahead for a family lunch. If you end up somewhere that meets those two criteria do let us know.