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Jul 2, 2008 06:21 AM

Annapolis with kids

We will be traveling to Annapolis with another couple and four children ranging from ages 4 to 8 for the 4th of July weekend. Any good spots to get a decent and affordable meal for all?


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  1. You don't mention .. lunch? dinner? atmsophere, or what's affordable. BUT Here goes! I would recommend Squisitos. Just a pizza place but what kid doesn't go for pizza? Nearly cafeteria style, so don't expect quality service. Always a gaggle of kids there on the weekends and evening. Has one of the best Pizzas in town IMHO. There are several locations in Eastport (acroos the Spa Creek drawbridge (walkable from city dock) and others around town.


    Also on the pizza theme, Mangia's is right on the dock space (next to hysterical annapolis) -- its a bit pricier, is good, but not better than Squistos which is also more more "kid friendly".

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      Thanks for the rec, I'll check out the website. We'll be there for the weekend so will need probably at least one of each (brkfst, lunch, dinner), and for dinner, entrees in the $10-$20 range would be great. We would definitely like a few drinks with our dinner but a place where four kids (reasonably well-behaved, but still kids) would be welcome. We'll be staying at the Sheraton in Annapolis, and checking out the parade and fireworks on the 4th.

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        you may be looking for someting a bit more upscale than Squistos, but maybe one lunch will work for the kids.

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          cafe Normandie, a bit more upscale, butmy kids loved crepes which are the specialty here. Good french food in general

      2. For breakfast or lunch - one famous and one obscure. Both kid tested.

        Chick & Ruth's Delly at 165 Main Street is fun and has something for everybody. Head upstairs for larger tables - downstairs is almost all booths.

        Regina's at 26 Annapolis St. in West Annapolis would also be perfect. Good, casual neighborhood spot with almost home-cooking.

        For dinner, quite a few options are tasty, affordable, and casual enough to accommodate rambunctious youngsters:

        Italian: The Italian Market - not far from the Annapolis Mall. Locally owned pizza, stromboli and pasta type eaterie (counter service) with a nice Italian deli and wine store all combined.

        Mexican: Mexican Cafe at 975 Bay Ridge Rd.

        Crabs and waterfront dining: Mike's on the South River (just off Riva Rd. after you cross over the South River bridge.) You will undoubtedly be tempted by Buddy's Crabs and Ribs because they are so ideally located right by Ego Alley, and offer all sorts of kids-eat-free type deals (balloons! salad bar!). Avoid.

        Boating scene: Boatyard Bar & Grill at 400 Fourth St. in Eastport

        Irish: Galway Bay Pub & Restaurant, 63 Maryland Ave - just off State Circle.

        1. I live in Annapolis and have two young children and I agree with the poster recommending Boatyard. I like this restaurant a lot as my husband and I can enjoy a nice glass of wine without breaking the bank on the food. There is also a cupcake place across the street for dessert afterwards.

          I prefer Cantler's for waterfront dining and crabs - it's a nicer location than Mike's, and it's fun getting there as it's not in the most obvious location.

          Agree on Squisito's - decent pizza. Adams Rib is also not bad in the same shopping center - excellent pork barbecue and a great spot for kids.

          For ice cream, Annapolis Ice Cream Company is good, and Aromi d'Italia has excellent gelato, although I had sticker shock recently when I bought a small cup and it was $3.25!

          Agree on Galway Bay - lovely location on Maryland Avenue. Fado also recently opened on West Street and might be another good option.

          My son likes Cheeburger Cheeburger - they have good fries and decent burgers and serve the kids portion in a cardboard car - it's cute.

          Not tons of options, but hopefully this helps. We usually end up doing a lot of takeout!

          1. This isn't quite what you asked for, but when my kids were that age, I used to stop at the grocery store (Whole Foods (in a shopping center at ArisTAllen & Rt2)) and create a picnic. We'd then go to Quiet Waters Park and eat, play, and hike. There's a very good playground at Quiet Waters and after the playground you can drive over to the end of the park (or walk) and walk through the woods down to the water. The kids used to really enjoy Quiet Waters.

            1. Don't spend any time trying to hunt down The Italian Market. You will find the same food for the same or lesser prices at any pizza joint. Including Sbarro's at the Annapolis Mall.

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              1. re: Denise

                hmmm...a bit harsh... The Italian Market is easy to locate - it's on Rt. 450 a short distance from the Mall. IMO I would take a locally owned and operated Italian restaurant over Sbarro fast food chain greasy pizza any day. Besides, Italian Market is not a "pizza joint" (although the pizzas are very good - better than any chain). True, it is not a place for those on a low carb diet, but the seafood, chicken and veal dishes are quite tasty and reasonably priced, and the calzones and stromboli are also baked fresh. It is an attractive, sit down place to eat for a family that won't break the budget. I don't mean to oversell it - it is what it is - but it's not Sbarro!

                A picnic at Quiet Waters Park is also a great idea. They have a fun playground, with benches for the adults, and it's good for rollerblading, bike riding and frisbee tossing too. A good place to get the wiggles out. There is a small entrance charge at the gate.

                Another lunch or dinner place that comes to mind would be Paul's Homewood Cafe'. 919 West St - a few blocks out past the historic district. It's another neighborhood gem - family run with a specialty of Greek-American dishes. Plenty of parking on the side and rear.

                1. re: crackers

                  So glad someone mentioned Paul's. I still haven't had the chance to try it, but have been hearing about it from locals for years.

                  1. re: tk42

                    Paul's Homewood rocks actually, but as a life long resident, I really don't want the "come-hers" to get the message too loud. I would like to know there's seat for me there when I come in next time.

                    1. re: JRCann

                      Then you're definitely hanging out on the wrong board. This is the board where we actually *want* to tell people about places we like (or not) that they might not hear about in the mainstream media.

                      If you're a lifer, and Chris and Anna know you, I can't imagine there won't be a seat for you at Paul's when you come in.

                      1. re: crackers

                        crackers, this is a very old post I somehow have never seen. yes, I am a "lifer"... first visit to "Paul's Lunch" was perhaps 50 yrs ago. Have been enjoying Helen's chili dogs on that black marble counter ever since... and yes everyone knows my name there, Chris, Anna, Florence and even all of Helen's grandchildren.

                        What a great place Chris and the family have created! I hope you realize that my comments were intended to be, how you say, -- "moussaka in cheek". Guess my humor was a bit too etherial.