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Jul 2, 2008 05:55 AM

Venice - August 12-16

Hey Chowhounds

Ferragosto, or the Feast of the Assumption, is a national holiday in Italy and along with Christmas and Easter, the 15 of August is one of the most significant days for Italians.

I've never been to Italy during Ferragosto before, but I've read and heard that it much of the country "closes down" when Italians leave for summer vacations. I will be in Venice from August 12 through the 16, so what are some places that I should hit up? I fear that many of the good places, esp. the places that don't serve watered-down versions of Venetian food. Where can I get good classic Venetian seafood dishes? Any comments and hints would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!


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  1. Pickup a copy of the red Michelin Italia. Closings are noted.

    I've no idea if these are open, but on Guidecia, there's the seafood only ALTANELLA - cash only, no c.c. (However, they do serve fegato.)

    Directly on the Grand Canal, below the Rialto Market is NARANZARINA - sushi.

    Madonna might be open.

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      Madonna is closed for "two weeks in August", as their website tells...

      OTOH Venice will be so crowded during Ferragosto, it will be hard anyway to get a decent table and decent food ! Lunch will be the lesser problem, there are many bars where you can get sandwiches or pizza or ciccheti, but dinner might be more of a puzzle. Just go and try, with the help of your hotel concierge !!