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Jul 2, 2008 05:00 AM

Place to eat halfway from NY to Boston

Hi - we are driving from Manhattan to Boston on Thurs evening and need a stop for dinner around Hartford. Obviously would like to be close to the highway (I84), and obviously do not want a long fancy dinner. But also do not want Denny's. Any suggestions for a decent Thai or Indian or Mexican place that would not slow us down to much.

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  1. We often do the drive and have found Vernon CT (Exit 65 off I-84) to be a great place to stop. We usually go to Rein's a NY style deli for a quick decent meal, but there are several other places along the road there. I believe there is a Thai restaurant.

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      Thanks. Looks good. Instead of the usual highway signs for gas/food/lodging, there should be added "Chowhounds approved food at this exit."


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        Please, avoid Reins. Especially if you are Manhattanites, you will not enjoy it. Meat sandwiches are ok (and great half-sours), but that's about it. I think the Thai place there is supposed to be passable. I just wouldn't expect much, compared to NYC.

      2. A bit before the Hartford area, but there is a decent diner at exit 10 just beyond Danbury, that is easy on/off and very fast at delivering meals. Blue Colony Diner might be the name - you will see the billboards/road signs. My wife and I stop there on our way to the NY area from Boston.

        1. Same exit as Reins are the excellent Lotus (Vietnamese) and Top Fuji.

          1. In downtown Hartford for Mexican is Agave.... about 2 minutes off 84 and you should be able to park on the street this Thursday night

            It's not the best Mex I've ever had but will refuel you... and much better than Denny's


            From I-84 East:
            – Get off exit 48, Asylum Ave.
            – Take right onto Asylum Ave.
            – Take your 1st left onto Union Place
            – Take your 1st right onto Allyn St.
            – Last building on left at the Corner of Ann St. and Allyn St. is Agave Grill (100 Allyn St.)

            1. There is a great Asian restaurant in Hartford, Feng's. You can get to it pretty easily off 84. It's at 93 Asylum Street. Take exit 50 toward Main Street, straight onto Morgan
              Street, right on Main, right on Asylum.

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                I agree, Feng is great... but maybe not for a quick stop when you're traveling...