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Jul 2, 2008 04:27 AM

Help for Tonight

This is a tough one. I am taking out 8 liver transplant patients, both pre and post surgery, to dinner tonight. They are all speaking to my class and I thught I would treat them to dinner. We will be in the Kenmore square/ south end area. Any advice for reasonable places, mainly mainstream, without an emphasis on alcohol? I thought of the beehive, stella, petit bistro robert, Any advice? Given the setting, they have to take reservations and be relatively sensitive to the patrons. I would be talking to the manager before hand. Sorry for the short notice.

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  1. Isn't the Beehive fairly alcohol focussed a place? Having said that, I bet you could take a group that size into Eastern Standard, get a big table on the side of the room away from the bar, and do pretty well. The menu could accomodate all, with charcouterie, burgers and pasta and salads all well-executed.

    1. That's really nice of you.

      How about the Elephant Walk on Beacon St.? Just past Kenmore - lighter fare, not alcohol focused in terms of a bar area, iirc.

      What are the sensitivities you allude to, other than their not being able to drink alcohol?

      EDIT: Sorry you did say mainstream...Elephant Walk may be too far outside that.

      1. You've just picked three relatively alcohol-focused places. Beehive is mainly a bar, Petit Robert highly recommends wine with their food (as you'd expect of the French) and Stella has a popular bar scene for the area residents. Another strike against Petit Robert is the relatively high fat content of most of their dishes - which is also a challenge to the liver.

        Of the choices, I'd maybe say that the side room at Stella would be good to shield you from the bar area. Other possibilities: the back room at Tremont 647/Sister Sorel and the greenhouse room at Pops. Any of these restaurants would likely be able to accommodate special requests if given enough advance notice (hold the fat, hold the vinegar, etc.).

        1. A place often overlooked is Azure in the Lenox Hotel in Copley Square. They have a small private room and good menu.

          1. If price isn't an issue, Clio would be nice. Definitely no emphasis on the drinks, but the food. Also up the street from Clio, across from Match (again emphasis on alcohol at this place), is a lovely Thai restaurant whose name escapes me, but again, emphasis on food vs. drink.

            I love ESK but I love it because of their great bar tending, so though I think it is a lovely spot, not sure it is what you are looking for.

            My brother passed away from liver disease. Kudos to these people.