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Jul 2, 2008 01:07 AM

Hidden treasures in Central/Eastern NH?

My boyfriend and I are going to be staying in Campton, NH (central/eastern NH). Anybody have any suggestions for restaurants in the vicinity that we should check out? I'd just like to have a few decent options for nights we don't feel like cooking. Any favorites?

(Campton is north of Laconia on the 93...



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  1. I've eaten at the Mad River Tavern, which, as its name implies, is a decent casual bar. I think the Campton Falls Marketplace next door has a great breakfast. For dinner, I think it is worth the drive to Woodshed, and I also hear that the Canoe is good. My knowledge of the area is not as good as the locals, but I've been to Campton a few times.

    1. I no longer know much about Campton/Plymouth area (been a while) but one of my favorite places in that area is only about 30 miles (very scenic ride around Squam Lake) is the Corner House Inn in Ctr. Sandwich. Causal pub upstairs, downstairs is more upscale - food is awesome.

      People talk about Foster's Steak House and Italian Farm House in Plymouth - they are part of the Common Man family of restaurants (some I like, some I don't).

      I can comment more in the Lakes Region if you are heading that way. Excellent lobster roll in Ctr. Harbor at Sam & Rosies (grab it and walk across the street and eat by the lake).

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        Those sound great! I'll put them on my list. I'm not sure how much we'll venture into toward the lakes, but I'll keep Sam & Rosies in mind if we do!

        Thanks so much!