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Jul 1, 2008 11:17 PM


We had dinner with another couple last week at HEIGHTS CAFE on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. Our friends came to see The Waterfalls, visible from The Promenade. Just one block away.

It was a steamy night, so we chose to sit indoors. Both the outdoor tables and inside were packed with diners.

We had a really nice meal, and plan to make it a local favorite.

We shared 2 salads as appetizers, and they were divided in the kitchen. Two of us had the Salmon Burger, a new addition to the menu served on a toasted Whole Grain roll with a Mesclun Salad. It was really delicious. And, at $11 a real bargain. The other two had the Rigatoni Bolognese and the Texas Meat Loaf . Both were excellent.

We shared two orders of their Molten Cholcolate Cake which was delicious.

I know HC often gets a bad rap on CH, but for a simple, well prepared meal, made from very fresh ,good quality ingredients, it is IMHO, an excellent choice.

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  1. I found this doing a search for Heights Cafe, as I'm considering it for a large party in need of a Brooklyn Heights dinner. From the menu it looks like just what I'm looking for, and the location is perfect for my needs so I'm delighted to see a good review on the board!

    One question - would you characterize it as a very noisy place? I don't expect hushed dining, especially from a packed place, but if the noise is from diners it's entirely different than if it's from a loud sound system. If you happen to see this and have a minute to reply, I'd be so appreciative.

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      It's not a particularly loud place at all. Sound system kept low, clientele of all age ranges. I never thought I'd be agreeing that this place is good, but we've had some better than ok meals there lately. We go because it has a perfect location with outdoor seats only 2 blocks from us but we've always been careful to restrict our orders to simple things. I love the chicken sandwich on baguette... lots of chicken, good fries, a nice lemony mayo and decent cheese. They tend to sometimes add too many ingredients to each dish and create somewhat muddled tastes as a result. Dont expect a CH "find", only a decent place to get reasonably priced food without hassles. Only AmEx and cash by the way.

      1. re: bklynite

        I think HC would meet your requirements. The food is really good, with a large variety of choices, and the drinks are nice, too. We usually eat there once a week, and the food is consistently good.

        I have seen large parties there, and they seem equipped to handle large groups. I would suggest calling ahead.

        The restaurant is usually crowded, but not a particularly noisy place. As far as I know, there is no sound system, so the buzz ius just from fellow diners.

        When is your party? Let us know how it turns out.

        1. re: Fleur

          This seems just perfect. It doesn't have be Chow-level food by any means (one of the diners is my aunt, whom I adore, but is one of the worst cooks on the planet!). "Reasonably priced food without hassles" as Steve R so aptly put it is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. The occasion is a Friday night post-synagogue-services dinner, the evening before my daughter's bat mitzvah. The synagogue is on Remsen and there are some folks in their '70s, so a long walk is out of the question. I'll be happy to turn in a post-event update, assuming I survive!!!

          Thank you both so much for your posts. I especially appreciate the AmEx-cash tip. That could have posed a problem!

          1. re: bklynite

            I might have replied to this question in another thread, but you should also check out Queen. I think it's better suited to a "celebration" than The Heights Cafe and if you let them know it's a special occasion they will make a big deal out of it (waiters singing happy birthday in operatic tones, etc.)


            1. re: Peter

              Thanks Peter, I did see your reply in the other thread as well. I'm all for Queen, but I think my parents (the hosts) pretty well vetoed it. If we were eating earlier it would be fine, but they want more "light" choices and felt Queen didn't offer enough of those. Hey, they're paying, so what can I do! I'm not expecting greatness from the Heights Cafe, but the menu variety and location are perfect for the occasion so I'm not going to fuss. And maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised - you never know!

              In any case, thanks so much for your input. Much appreciated during a stressful time!