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Jul 1, 2008 11:10 PM

Eugene - new restaurant

Any word yet on the opening of "Belly"?

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  1. Friday, July 4, 2008. Dinner. I can't wait.

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      what's the report on the first night?

      1. So we went to Belly on Saturday night and I'm happy to report, while not perfect, an excellent and promising addition to the lackluster Eugene eating scene. We ate outside, nothing fancy at all as far as seating, and I can't really comment on the interior atmosphere (stuck my head in the door, kinda DIY artsy big funky chandelier in the corner, etc.). There were six of us and we shared a bunch of small plates and everyone, except me, had an entree sized portion to themselves, I had another small plate as dinner. The excellent: Salt cod fritters, roasted broccoli and fried squash blossoms (they clearly know how to fry); The good: pork confit with cherries (aggressively salty), steamed clams, cheese beignets; The needs work: fried trout with bacon (not enough bacon and I'd swear it was actually farmed steelhead). Very nice service, a small but nice and very nicely priced wine list (most bottles $25 including two nice dry roses). For the price and quality of the ingredients, small plates were between 4-6 and big plates 10-15, a bargain and a lovely Eugene evening. I hope they do well and continue to refine the menu. Now on to La Perla.