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Mar 11, 2003 09:19 PM

Top Dog-style Hot Dog in L.A.?

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I'm a recent transplant from Northern Cal to down south, and I'm jonesing for a Top Dog from Berkeley.

I've tried Pink's, which doesn't seem to do the same thing.

A Top Dog's main distinction for me is that the dogs are grilled (instead of boiled/steamed), and are served on a grilled substantial (seeded) bun. You can add your own cold chopped onions, sourkraut, spicy russian mustard, etc.

They offer something like 20 different types of dogs, including "Lemon Chicken", Brautwerst, New York Style, etc...

No Chili, no steam. Anything like this down here? Oh yeah, I always used to chase down a pair of top dogs with a tall lemonade.

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  1. Time to revisit this. I have some friends that live down here that would love to find a place like Top Dog. U-Dog in Westwood was awesome but short lived.

    So, favorite hot dog joint, if not a Top Dog replacement?

    1. "The Stand" in Encino ,the Weiner Factory, Carni's and Okidog. I was told there is a great place in Manhatten Beach as well - Skooby's maybe. Not are the same as topdog, but maybe the stand comes closest. Of course Pinks is the most well know dog place in LA.

      1. I don't have an answer, but since I will be moving to LA in a few months, I hope you're successful. A while back, I found this blog devoted to hot dogs in LA, which might be helpful. Let me know if you find anything.

        1. i don't have an answer for you but i worked my way through college at the top dog on the north side of campus.

          (d'ya know if dick and renie still own the place?)

          their dogs ruined me for anything that i found down here--none measured up.

          1. Since Steve hasn't checked in yet, I'll send you to his spot: