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Cake from childhood birthday help

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One year, I think I was turning 12, my mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday, given me a few choices. I eschewed the chocolate buttermilk sheet cake my siblings always wanted in favor of a more complicated multi-layer cake. My mom and I agreed it was delicious, but she then lost the recipe (or maybe she didn't want to go through the work of making it again. ;)

I assisted in the cake's production and assembly, not to mention consumption, and here's what I remember--though this was a few decades ago.

Cake part: a spongy (somewhere between sponge cake and Italian cream cake) white cake. It had eight layers--you made four rounds and cut each in half.

Fillings: a homemade vanilla pudding
macerated strawberries--you alternated these fillings between the layers

Icing: Sweetened whipped cream flavored with some of the macerated strawberry liquid. It was a light pink color.

Garnish--fresh strawberry slices around the cake.

I'd love it if someone had a recipe for something similar. I'm not the best baker, but would try this for a special occasion. TIA to you bakers out there!

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  1. How about making this:
    alternating fillings between layers as your describe and see how close you come to what you remember.