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Jul 1, 2008 09:48 PM

Where can I find Coffee Crisp in SF?

The recent post about British foods got me thinking about my Canadian boyfriend's favorite candy bar, Coffee Crisp. There is some overlap with Canadian and British foods, but I've never seen Coffee Crisp at any British food shops.

Has anyone seen these delicious bars anywhere in the city or elsewhere?

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  1. I bought one myself at the Powell's Sweet Shoppe in Los Gatos...there are several Powell's around CA:

    1. It has been sometime since I was last there, but I think Fog City had them

      Fog City News
      455 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105

      1. I've been getting them at Grocery Outlet of all places, about 50 cents a bar. I am in L.A. right now so I go to the Buena Park store, but all the stores have mostly the same stock. There are stores all over but closest to SF is I think the Berkeley store and then the Oakland one. Good luck.

        1. Cost Plus World Market

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've looked at Cost Plus in SF and never saw them there, but it's worth another look. And I've never heard of Powell's, I'll definitely check that out.

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              the one at jack london square in oakland does, the daly city one does not. not sure about the one in marin.